Meet Dakini Oceana

So lovely to meet you. First, let me ask you. . .

  • Do you have an innate wish for security coupled by the wish to explore realms of fantasy, surprise, spontaneity and mystery?
  • Do you want to let go of routine, daily tasks, break the cycle for a few hours, and feel you visited a private island or personal paradise, a place you can visit again and again?
  • Do you long to cultivate a deeper, richer way of life while on this material plane?
  • Do you want to let go of blocks in your sensuality, increase your presence, and enjoy the beautiful life a vital, sensuality can gift you?
  • Do you have a beautiful family, friends, profession that you want to protect and create abundance with and for, and simply desire a safe and freedom filled space to simply let go, rejuvenate while you also learn to give and receive even more love and energy in all you do?
  • Heal old wounds, trauma, and calm day to day anxiety?
  • Do you want to love yourself more? Experience and cultivate presence in all you do, all of life as Divine?

Welcome to Paradise . . . Welcome to Sensual Tantric Healing with Dakini Oceana . . .

I was born and raised on the beaches of California, and spent many of my teenage years traveling the world as a modern dancer, and art model. The sensual arts awakened an understanding me which previously I had only understood when communing with nature on long walks, swims in the ocean, gazing at stars, writing poetry, climbing trees, and exploring new terrain. I found that a timeless, spaceless place is discovered when I sink into deep presence through movement, meditation, and communing with others in celebration and dance. Sensuality became a healing modality for me, and I found nothing more meaningful than being a conduit of this health, growth and enlightenment for You.

In my Tantric explorations through India, I became divinely ordained as a Dakini by Tantric priests. This honor of recognition from the Tantric priests awakened in me a realization of my own Divine gifts and now have words for what they are. Intuitively, I have a deep perceptive sensitivity to feel, see, awaken your soul, and help you shed armor that sometimes covers this divine being within, due to social time clocks, responsibilities and compromises. I can look into you, touch you lightly, and feel your emotions, your gifts, your light, and thus help you feel yourself most deeply.

In this life, I am dedicated to the gift of healing emotional wounds, awakening vitality for others.

in my personal practice, I sustain a beautiful healthy lifestyle dedicated to healthy wellbeing, creativity, and am inspired by daily celebrations of nature and sensuality, and enjoying theatre, fashion, travel, and glamour.

I am certified in healing modalities Reiki, Massage, Talk Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Somatic Gestalt Healing for Trauma. I have studied Tantra with many well-known healers, and teachers. I created my sanctuary, Sensual by Nature over ten years ago in New York City.

As your Dakini, I invite you to join me as your guide in personal growth, exploration and joyful living. I am often in my sacred sanctuary in a quiet peaceful NYC neighborhood, and I also travel often to meet with people in South Florida. I also create group explorations and workshops for your Tantric Enlightenment.

I offer healing and integration on all levels, and meet you with utmost integrity, care, and onging support as you explore your own soul health and vitality.

I look forward to being with you soon. xo Dakini Oceana

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