Hello! You have found an elite, private Sensual Tantric Healing Sanctuary in NYC.

I welcome Individuals & Couples for In Studio & Virtual Sessions.

Welcome to
Sensual by Nature Studio

I am Dakini Oceana . . . a Gifted Tantric Dakini, Goddess, Therapist, trained in the Sensual Healing, Sensual Arts, Somatic Touch & Breath, Sacred Karezza, Reiki Energy Mastery, and Talk Counseling.

Let me ask you. . .

Do you Feel exhausted by routine, technology, travel and ‘to do’  lists? Need a healing oasis to reset, rejuvenate?

Amidst your busy life, Do you crave to experience deeper day to day passion, pleasure, peace of mind and aliveness of body?

Do you love your life but find you have an innate wish for security coupled by a desire to explore realms of fantasy, surprise, spontaneity, and mystery?

Desire to explore your sensual self to enhance your outside relationships?

Feel Ready to heal and shed old wounds to make space for awakened vitality?

Tantra is a yogic practice that will help You

• calm anxiety
• rebalance your energy and drive
• generate more natural passion & pleasure
• open your heart, breath, and calm your mind
• cultivate healthier relationships with yourself and your loved ones

As your Dakini & Tantra Goddess and Guide. . .

~Through just one session, I will help you get free, slow down time, allow your natural energy power to vitalize, and you will return to the world at peace and full energy.

~Through my ongoing care you become the tour de force you know you can be, and as you move through your beautiful world, be that strength for the others to light their candles in, too. Join me on the Tantric Path. .  . 

“Live Wholly, Love Deeply, Laugh Often” xo Dakini Oceana 


Awaken, Heal, Energize 


your Love, is the Supreme Celebration . .


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