Hello, I’m Dakini Oceana

Goddess of Love, Sensual Tantric Healing, Mindfulness & Ancient Sacred Karezza


Welcome to Sensual by Nature. . . Awaken your soul, spirit, and body to a transcendence of time and place that is highly more exciting than anything you have felt before. . . 

I welcome men, women, and couples.



I welcome travel Inquiries.



Dakini Oceana ~ Sensual Tantric Healer, IN STUDIO & VIRTUAL SENSUAL TANTRIC Sessions.

Based in beautiful New York City Sanctuary.

Welcome travel inquiries, day trips, getaway retreats, and out call bookings.

Offer delightful Virtual Face to Face Interactive Tantric Sessions.

Men, Women, Couples.

About Oceana,  My Gifts for You  

Hello. . .

Do you long for freedom from confinement, and crave sensual pleasure expansion?

 Sensual Tantric Healing is the best therapy in town.

Tantrics practice pleasure for deep healing, rejuvenation, and the most spiritual transcendence mortal life can offer. . .  I, Dakini Oceana, Goddess of Love, will subtly supplement your life, guide you, heal you, and help you  balance, align and energize.

Do you want to learn the sacred, sensual arts of slowing down, experiencing natural joy for hours? 

  • Do you want to experience a sensually enlightened state of being?
  • Crave a discovery of transcendence through honoring and celebrating your sensuality and sexuality?
  • Feel a digitally overstimulated life has caused you to lose connection with aspects of yourself and you body? 
  • Feel stuck in monotony, schedules, and travels? Desire a sensual space to transcend time, open and rebalance your sensual nature?  
  • Want to heal negative body image or self consciousness?
  • Develop confidence in your intimacy skills?
  • Heal trauma and awaken your relationship with you body?
  • Love your commitment to family and partner, yet feel your sensuality is dormant? Wish to explore, enliven & re-inspire in the care of a professional and safe environment?
  • Want to learn a few new ways to please and connect with your lover?
  • Desire a beautiful Goddess to adore and cherish, but don’t have time or want the responsibility of daily commitment?

    Welcome to my Sanctuary for Peace and Sensuality . . . 








Enter my warm, private, upscale, peaceful world, gently surrounded by luxurious beauty, and guided to bask in glory by me, Oceana.

I am gifted and practiced at the art of Sensual Tantric Healing, Sacred Karezza, am a Reiki master, Massage therapist, Educated Psychotherapist, and stunningly beautiful Dakini.

What is a Dakini?

I can look into you, feel you and guide you to a deeply slow exploration of your inner life and enlightening experience and celebration of your own body. 

What is Sensual Tantric Healing and Sacred Karezza?

These ancient sensual arts are an enlightened form of exploring Sexuality, Sensuality, your Senses. Centered around slow explorations of your body toward a deeply relaxed, highly exhilarating state of Total Lightness. 

What do we do together?

Allow your curious, open Self to receive my intuitive care, guidance, touch. No two sessions are ever the same. Together, We engage in sensual bonding activities.

Gazing, slow sensual movement, a sort of dance, flow, shared breath, sensory opening, a hypnotic Full Body Awakening.  

You will be guided to become as relaxed as possible, and to take deep breaths when feelings of intense energy surge. A sensual stimulation pulses throughout your Being, clears your mental miss mosh, awakens your soul, your spirit and body and enlivens you to a transcendence of time and place that is highly more exciting than anything you have ever felt before.  

Health benefits:

  • Restful sleep
  • Make you feel sexier, more passionate about living life 
  • Calm anxiety, Reduce depressive feelings
  • Heal trauma
  • Inspire daily body & self care 
  • Mindfulness & presence
  • Open your mind body heart and spirit to limitless lightness
  • Deeper awareness of your inner life and longings 
  • Alleviate psychical and physical blocks that may stop you from experiencing intimacy and physical sensation, cause dryness in women and/or cause PE, ED issues in men.

A sliver of Other people’s most recent and touching notes to me: 

“Beautiful Oceana, You are an open channel of love and have taken me places I never thought possible on this earth. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.”

“Goddess, Oceana, I love your mind and body.  I remember, in our first meeting as I was leaving I gave you a hug and I held your perfect hourglass, and loved it.  In our last meeting, you were on your back, you described and taught me to slowly caress, your perfect body, sculpted shoulders, lovely strong legs and perfect breasts and lovely behind I cannot imagine anyone else guiding me to this kind of sensual enlightenment. I hope you have a blessed week.”

“Oceana, you are a true Goddess, who with the slightest wave of her hand and voice, unbeknownst to me, subtly moved the energy body.  I am hopeful that I can eventually find my way to total submission, so that the Goddess may show me the way back to divinity.” 

How do I arrange an Experience?

Email a Respectful and Personal Introduction: SensualByNatureStudio@gmail.com

Enclose a phone number and best time(s) to call. I will request that we speak on the phone to discuss meeting.  Before arranging a meeting I will ask you to confirm your appointment with at least a 20% deposit, we will discuss details on phone.

Location: New York City near Lincoln Center 
Availability: 7 days a week, 7AM- 11PM

Same day appointments are sometimes possible, I do prefer advance arrangements of course. 

I offer Individuals Sessions for men or women, Couples Sessions, Wellness Counseling, Enlightened Sensuality Workshops. (click link)

I welcome you to enjoy my website, my talks, my writings, my galleries, and more information about arranging an Experience. . .

*❤️ xo Dakini❤️


“take care of yourself on a regular basis and your life will be strong, healthy and serene, I can be a part of that care for you.” ~ 

“Live wholly, Love deeply, Laugh often. . .”  xo Dakini Oceana, Goddess of Love & Sensual Tantric Healing

My Promise to You. . . 

My smile and body are warm, my heart beckons you to calm and open. I always greet you with a meaningful hug, and shared grounding breath. As you step into my beautiful sanctuary for peace and sensuality, You will be taken, and gently guided by me to leave the structure and responsibilities of your busy world behind.

Through gentle talk, breath, touch, and ambience, I will intuitively tune into you, help you feel unconditionally cared for, listened to, inspired. Together, we experience a deep and natural journey, and exist together, in a space where peace and sensuality are One.

A place of Being that I will help you to cultivate, so you can be a most vital power, tour de force, and loving person in this fast paced, often distracted and busy world. It is my honor to guide you to feel passion, energized, to create abundance in every aspect of your life, and to be someone who also inspires the hearts and energies of others. 

It has been said that I am “like an ocean, a depth of sensuality. . . an open channel of love.” Goddess Oceana

Welcome to Sensual by Nature Studio

A special, quiet space in New York City
to learn the arts of Sensual Tantric Healing & Sacred Karezza. . .

“Take care of yourself on a regular basis and see how your life transforms. . . Let me be your Goddess of Love.”
xo Dakini Oceana

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Email: SensualByNatureStudio@gmail.com

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Write to me. . .

I always offer ongoing email support between meeting for those who visit sanctuary regularly.