Sensual by Nature

Sensual Tantric Healing in New York City for Individuals, Couples, Groups.

Also visiting South Florida & Los Angeles.

“True Tantra is a Therapeutic Awakening of Sensual Aliveness, that guides you to Be in Oneness with the Beauties & Mysteries of the Universe, a Celebration of  Love  . .”  xo Oceana 

Let me ask YOU. . .

• Do you Love your life, family, friends, aware you have a human need for this consistency and security, yet feel a natural desire for surrender, expansion spontaneity, surprise, & mystery? Dakini is a safe and loving guide to explore your sensual self so you can give more love to others.

• Need to free yourself of old wounds to feel deeper presence, intimacy with Your Self & Loved Ones? Tantra heals.

• Desire soothing from long travels, busy schedules, routine? Feel anxious, stressed, too over “thinking”? Tantra calms and opens your Heart.

• Desire to inspire your passions? Be more fulfilled, creative, energetic? Tantra lights your passions.

• Crave loving healing after surgery, illness, loss? Dakini understands, nurtures and strengthens. 

• Want to learn sustained arousal for longer lovemaking experiences, more joy? Tantra practices strengthen your circulation and senses.

• Desire learn more about Sensual Arts and Lovemaking skills to enhance your personal life?Tantra Dakini creates a beautiful space to explore and celebrate sensuality.

❤️ In a cherry. . .One Tantric Health Session will awaken dormant energy in your body, rejuvenate youth, increase positivity. You will walk back out into the world energized, present, as You move through your beautiful busy life the tour de force of nature you are. . .

Long term effects of Tantric Health is a deeper intimacy with yourself and others, a confidence to follow your intuitive instincts, manifest your dreams & exciting new possibilities.

*I always give you with practices to take into your daily life that keep your growing and sustain enhanced energy, intimacy, and bliss.

“. . . take care of yourself on a regular basis and your life will change for the better. . . let me be a part of that change for YOU. . .  ” xo Oceana

My Promise to You . . . 

Hello, I am Dakini Oceana. . a multi-faceted woman, filled with ‘joie de vivre’ and gifted in intuition, acceptance, and compassion.

It has been said that I am “an ocean of sensuality, an open channel of love. ”

I always welcome you with a meaningful hug and shared grounding breath. You will be gently guided by me to leave the structure and responsibilities behind, to drift in open talk,  loving care, gaze, breath and transcendence to Oneness, Healing and Enlightenment. 

I am trained professionally in Esalen Healing, Reiki Mastery, Integrative Mind/ Body Talk Therapy, Tantric Spirituality and Sensorial Meditation, Breath Rebirthing, Kundalini Yoga. 


New York City | South Florida | Boca Raton | Palm Beach | Tampa | Santa Monica | Los Angeles | Paris | France


Awaken, Heal, Energize

your Love, is the Supreme Celebration . .


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