Welcome . .  to Sensual by Nature Studio

A Sensual Tantric Healing Sanctuary in New York City,

Also visiting South Florida: Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Palm Beach,

I Welcome mature and dedicated Individuals & Couples.

Flexible travel and elegant, warm sanctuary in-call welcome and classy, professional outcall to you available. I offer a brief phone chat prior to booking to discuss how and if I will be able to support you. 

Are you dreaming of an oasis of peaceful, loving sensuality?

Want to open your heart and explore healing, awakening through a progressive therapeutic modality?

I am Dakini Oceana . . . a Tantric Dakini gifted with intuition, empathy and heart. Skilled in Tantric Integrative Somatic Healing, I offer a Tantric experience  combining Esalen Massage, Healing Circulation Breath, Reiki Energy Balancing, Psychotherapeutic Talk, and Loving Guidance in Sensual Arts, Sacred Karezza & Body Wellness.

“Tantric Enlightenment Sessions will shift your life perspective and way of being.” xo Oceana

New York, South Florida, Boca Raton Palm Beach Tantra Healing

I ask YOU. . .

  • Do You love your life, family, friends, and have a natural human need for this security, coupled with a human a desire to experience fantasy, spontaneity, surprise and mystery?
  • Feel tied to schedule, technology, travel, routine? Crave a timeless, placeless space where you can unplug, let go into sensual touch that rejuvenates peace of mind and heart? 
  • Amidst your busy life, is it sometimes difficult to be yourself? Feel old wounds blocking your heart? Need loving acceptance to heal, explore, enliven?


  • Want to know your body pleasure centers more deeply and Experience transcendent intimacy?
  • Want to stay young, vital, healthy? Getting over surgery or illness or loss of loved one and need to heal and recover?
  • Want to learn to sustain arousal for longer lovemaking experience for you and your partner? Want to give more pleasure by learning more sensual arts?

“….take care of yourself on a regular basis and your life will change for the better..let me be a part of that change for YOU…..always ”

xo Oceana ❤️

Tantra is a yogic practice that will help You

  • calm anxiety; integrate your mind, heart, soul
  • rebalance, strengthen youthful energy & power
  • feel and cultivate your inner genius, infinite potential
  • generate natural passion & pleasure for love & life
  • open new thoughts, ideas, inspiration, visions
  • experience healthy relationship with yourself and loved ones

“Tantra is a pathway, not just to sexual ecstasy but to personal healing and fulfillment.” ~ Andrew Barnes

“Tantra is primarily about uniting love, spirituality and sexuality with awareness.” ~ Osho

This is About You

As your Dakini & Guide. . .

~Through just one session, I will help you slow down time, shed masks and open your heart~ your natural, curious childlike energy will revitalize, and you will return to the world peaceful, full of energy, confidence.

~Through my ongoing care you become the tour de force you know you can be, and as you move through your beautiful world, be that strength for the others to light their candles in, too. . . 🕯️ ♥️🧚‍♀️
Let’s make the world a more beautiful place together.

“Live Wholly, Love Deeply, Laugh Often” xo Dakini Oceana 

South Florida | Boca Raton Surrounding Areas | Palm Beach | New York City


Awaken, Heal, Energize

your Love, is the Supreme Celebration . .


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