Virtual Face to Face Interactive Sessions with Dakini Oceana

Men, Women, Couples welcome.

Enter the World of Sensual By Nature from the comfort of your Home. . .

Would you like to experience Tantric Transcendence from your own living room or private space?

Do you want to feel like you visited a private island or personal paradise without leaving your home ?

Would you like to visit in person but too far away or can’t leave your home due to surgery or something else?

Are you someone who visits in person regularly and while traveling want to remain in touch with Dakini and your practices? 

I welcome you to engage in Virtual Virtual Face to Face Interactive Sessions

Enter the world of Sensual By Nature now, in the blissful privacy of your own home. . .

Join me, Dakini Oceana, your Goddess of Love, Your special Guide, Muse, Inspiration. . . in a special and progressive Virtual connection. . .

You will experience a feeling as though you are in this beautiful sanctuary, and you will feel well cared for, with the nurturing, sensual Dakini Oceana. . .

Tantrics know that practicing pleasure is the deepest healing and rejuvenation this life has to offer. You need a Goddess in your life to help you stay balanced, aligned and energized.

Join me, Explore more . . .

How do we experience Tantra Face to Face on our screens?

As a Dakini, I have cultivated the rare ability to. . .

• Touch you energetically, through my eyes, voice, words and presence,
• Through my eyes and voice, I can Bring deep pleasure to your entire Being
• Inspire you to discover and further develop Creative and Business pursuits
• Enliven sluggish and dormant energies in your body, mind, heart, spirit

I promise YOU. . . during and after one Virtual Session with me, You will feel . . .

• As though I have touched every cell in your body
• Completely at Ease and Peaceful
• Overflowing with Joy, Pleasure, Confidence
• Completely Enlivened, Blissful, and Spiritually Transformed
• Inspired, Relaxed and Energized to continue creating the life you desire and deserve.

What do we do in our VIRTUAL SESSIONS?

• Just like our In-Studio sessions, are co-created.
• My intuitive process is spontaneous and thorough.
• Once we are Face to Face, we speak for a few moments. I get a sense of what you need that day.
• I intuitively create a session just right for you.
• I will begin to guide you into just what you need to feel touched by your Goddess, to feel a completely enlightened state of being; rejuvenated, fully alive, and inspired to be the tour de force you are meant to be in this world.
• You can lay back in your favorite chair or couch, on the rug, yoga mat, and find yourself transported into a completely blissful and transcendent state of being.

Virtual Face to Face Interactive Sessions can include:

• Sensual Tantric Breath
• Tantric Eye Gaze
• Sensual Body Energetics/ Meditation
• Sensual Talk/ Fantasy
• Tantric Orgasmic Body Meditation, Touch
• Health and Wellness Counseling
• Talk Counseling
• Spiritual Direction
• Guided Breath
• Guided Meditation

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