Meeting. . .

My Sanctuary for Peace and Sensuality. . .


Location . . .

I have a beautiful sanctuary nested on the Upper West Side, Manhattan near Central Park. It is convenient for subway travel and parking. The space has lavish ornate, worldly ambience, candles lit in every corner, and low soothing light, hypnotic pulsing music for your envelopment into peaceful space and sensual Exploration. I provide arrival details after you confirm your appointment. 

Space. . .

I offer a clean and well groomed shower, fresh, organic soaps, linens, and pillows abound. I have a top of the line massage table surrounded in mirrors and candles in the back sanctuary, and a futon on the floor with many pillows in n front of the fireplace in the front sanctuary. Workshop sessions are on the floor in front of the fireplace.

Gifts. . .

I always appreciate it when a visitor brings something special for my sanctuary or my body, when they arrive for session, but of course it isn’t necessary. If you want to bring something but aren’t sure my sizes or tastes, simple feel welcome to ask me . . . I love to be adored. 

I always offer YOU fresh fruits, hot tea and or filtered water for you. I am always beautifully groomed, and serene for your arrival, completely present for YOU from the moment you enter to departure. . . Sometimes we go over about fifteen minutes in session, if I have the time and of course that is my gift to you. I don’t like to rush, or book many meetings in one day. I value YOU, YOUR time, YOUR careful honoring of me, and our special co-created, tailored for you. . . 

🌹Session Style Offerings: Sensual Tantric In Studio, Travel Companionship, Virtual FaceTime, Tantric Fantasy Texting, and Health & Wellness Telephone 

Explore my Offerings. . . How to Book a Meeting

🌹 Individuals and Couples Welcome. Donation and booking arrangements below. 

To arrange special time with me~ 


PLEASE EMAIL a Personal Introduction:

🌹For First Meeting Appointment Please send a brief and respectful Letter to Me. . .

Imagine you are speaking directly to me and want me to know a bit about you, without being too explicit.
*How did you find me?
*What about my gifts interest you?
*Are you having health issues?
*When do you hope to come in?
*Enclose a phone number and best time(s) to call.

I will reply within 24 hrs.

I will ask that we speak on the phone for about 10-15 mins to discuss meeting. After we book, all contact is text and email. Any further phone contact is considered a Wellness Session or Virtual FtF and must be pre arranged.

Protocol: : If we agree to meet, I will ask you to hold your appointment with at least a 20% deposit, we will discuss details on phone. 

All you ever share with me is personal, confidential and completely respected by my integrity and care for you.

Same day appts are available ~ add 50$ for last minute respects ❤️


STUDIO HOURS: 9am-10pm. Early Morning & Later evening hours are sometimes available. Please feel welcome to ask as I do my best to accommodate.  ❤️

~Same day appointments are sometimes possible, of course  I prefer advance arrangements. Simply inquire via email..

I am happy to travel to your location, simply inquire via email. .

Dedicated to the celebration of sensuality  ❤️


🌹In Studio


60 Minutes: 440
90 Minutes: 540
2 hours: 800
3 hours: 1000
4 hours: 1400
6 hours: 2100


I love to offer Day Travel and Overnight Retreats into Nature, as a Companion on your Travels, or simply to your Home for added rest and rejuvenation~ Companion Overnight Retreats, and Out-Call Sessions. . . Simply inquire via email.


90 Minutes: 800
2 hours: 1000
3 hours: 1500
4 hours: 2000

6 hours: 3500


Do you want to feel like you visited a private island or personal paradise from the privacy of your own home?

You can be anywhere in the world, in the privacy of your own home, and engage with DAKINI OCEANA in a deeply intimate, sensual, enlightening and transcendent experience.

DONATIONAS ARE SAME AS IN STUDIO. Though I do also offer Individuals:

30 minutes: 220

45 Minutes: 320


Some enjoy the ultimate privacy of entering fantasy via text dialogue. It is  a beautiful way to allow me to guide you in Tantric breath and sensation via our co created text fantasy experience. To arrange, send an email or text to inquire availability, and be prepared to send Venmo or PayPal. Photos and video are not included~ Join Only Fans for this. ❤️

20 minutes: 50

45 minutes: 100

HEALTH and WELLNESS Talk Phone Sessions are available 

These sessions are held on the telephone. We talk, breath, and work through whatever your bring to session. Talk only.




60 minutes: 200

90 minutes: 300


Couples Life & Relationship

60 minutes: 250

90 minutes: 350


Daka/ Dakini training inquire personally for workshops or individuals.


🌹 SUGGESTIONS As you Embark. . . 
*In session with me, we focus on slowing down. Allowing for more time is suggested. If you notice, I ask a decreased donation for longer sessions, as I hoe you choose to take significant time to explore and enliven your Being, and for us to deeply connect. 

*Many people visit regularly. Making our experience a part of your overall health program is vastly stimulating and will change your quality of life in ways you can’t even imagine. for maximum benefits. 


* Wellness Counsel and In Person sessions are a consistent way for us to continue growing together. Consider a few talk sessions on the phone every other or third week, and an longer in-person session every other month, or three.


*I always offer and welcome email engagement between sessions to those who visit regularly. . .


“….take care of yourself on a regular basis and your life will change for the better..let me be a part of that change for YOU…..always ” xo Dakini Oceana, Goddess of Love, Sensual Healing, and Karezza


Enter the World of Sensual by Nature. . . Where we honor, celebrate and cultivate sensuality ❤️

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