Health & Wellness Counseling

 “Many of us have felt stuck in our lives at one time or another. There’s only an internal solution to an internal disturbance, and the solution to modern living is mindful living. Reaching out for support is your first step to creating the life you deserve . . .”

As your Wellness Counselor, I support you through talking. I listen with a receptive and perceptive heart and mind. I offer Tantric Spiritual perspective on issues that may seem overwhelming.

  • Are you repeating patterns?
  • Feel stuck?
  • Negative thinking?
  • Unmotivated to care for your physical health and well-being?
  • During our talk(s) I will ask a series of questions.

*Help you to understand your emotional more deeply, the way your mind and heart speak, and what you truly long for.
*Help you reveal what specific qualities aren’t serving your goals and longings/ which are, and how
*Help you create goals and focuses in your life that are centered on your inner desires and truest self.
*Gain awareness, shift perspective
*Experience new vats of gratitude, positive thought
*Develop a healthier daily routine
*Heal wounds that block you
*Listen to your intuitive heart and mind
*Find more energy to put into the things you truly want to be doing with your time, mind, body and heart.

Let’s speak on the phone to discuss creating a Health and Wellness program that works for you.

“Live Wholly, Love Deeply, and Laugh often. . . ” . . . xo

To enhance your Tantric path, I gift you complimentary content and teachings on this site. If you are moved to make a contribution to SBN Studio, you are welcome to here.