Couples Tantric Healing Sessions

 “Let’s transform the straws of relationship into gold. . .”

Ultimately, we all want to bond with our partners more deeply. . . Tantric Sensual is a path toward opening your heart. . .

♥️ Hello Partners, Lovers, Shakthi, Shiva. . .♥️

~ Want to have fun with your beloved and want to try something different?

~ Want deeper fulfillment in your sensual and emotional experience?

~ Have some deep-rooted issues you want to discuss with your partner and want the loving container of a guide?

I create a safe, therapeutic, and enlightening space where you and your partner can settle in and explore, and intensify your bond. This is a space to focus on healing old wounds, fortify mutual understanding, and vitalize your intimacy.

“I always offer chocolates, fruit, fresh water, clean shower and linens to enhance the beautiful sensual bliss, exploration, and celebrations of love that will unfold in our special session. . . and all that we do you will be able to take with you into your private time together at home and in the world” ❤️ Oceana 

I offer guidance and love:

*Sacred Tantric practices: eye gaze, breath, meditation.

*Deep Talks where you each are prompted to listen, understand and express in a loving way, and I remain an objective loving ear that simply helps you say more and listen more deeply to yourself and your beloved.

* New positions for lovemaking, new massage practices, new experiences

*A beautiful space to unfurl, away from family obligations.

*Experiment with a third partner who is committed to respectful boundaries.

I will Guide you through the fine and sophisticated Tantric arts of giving and receiving optimum pleasure for your self and your partner — thereby achieving transcendence, or union with higher sates of consciousness. In the place of “no mind” we are most receptive to our natural bliss, and aligned with the high frequency of divine energy and enlightenment.

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Book a Meeting

Let’s speak together on the phone to discuss your specific needs and desires as a couple. Celebratory sessions for anniversaries, holidays, births, and whatever else you can think of that deserves celebration are beautiful . . .

“Live Wholly, Love Deeply, and Laugh often. . . ” . . . xo

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