Letters From Others

“Hello beautiful souls. . I simply share these most recent notes written to me with privacy and anonymity, to help you understand more about how I may be of inspiration to You. Each session is uniquely woven for you, and I always say, follow your intuition and arrive curious ❤️” xo Oceana

December 2023- January 2024

Good Oceana, What you teach rings with truth and wisdom. .  Your life, your passion, your vocation is devoted to balancing out suffering on the pleasure/sex spectrum of our existence. The breakthroughs that I have experienced under your guidance have brought me to levels of peace beyond imagination.  You truly are my good teacher, Dakini ❤️ and I am forever grateful for your influcence.

My wife is so excited, she said you were FANTASTIC at helping her rejuvenate after the surgery… not enough words to thank you .  ❤️❤️❤️

Hi Oceana, Thanks so much for last night’s AMAZING Session!! It was so healing, soothing, energizing, & sensual! 🥰I got home last night, and my husband and had an amazing sex session, really hot & with an orgasm coming…I got there faster & better than expected!! Thank you for making our lives better.❤️

Thank you again for such a magical evening.  I look forward to seeing you again soon.  Until then, stay warm and stay positive (which I know you will) All the best and again, thank you. You’re an Angel 🙏❤️

Greetings Dakini Oceana, I watched some of your YouTube videos last night. Really enjoy your nuances on the sensual topics discussed, you’re such a Goddess. Happy winter Solstice season to you🎅🏼🎄🎁

Oceana – I hope you are well. My wife and greatly enjoyed our discussion last night on ‘ Long term Relationships’ which prompted our own discussion. I wanted you to know that I have purchased your book, ‘Tantric – Spirituality and Practices’ . It is an informative and comprehensive work. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Oceana, Your book is a masterpiece and I am working my way through it. One thing which has slowed my progress is the pictures of this stunningly beautiful woman which occur  throughout the book in sensuous and erotic poses. Whoever she may be she certainly has my full attention!

Oceana, Thank you again for an extraordinary time with you. Yesterday was another amazing experience. Time slowed down and yet went by so fast. So beautiful.

Hi Oceana- before my wife and I go to bed we wanted to thank you for such a beautiful, memorable experience today. We enjoyed your company and guidance, and look forward to learning more from you. We will be in touch! Thank you and have a wonderful rest of the week 🙂

Oceana, Wanted to thank you for a wonderful session this past week. Loved seeing and being present with you. Love

Hi, It’s been awhile,  but that doesn’t mean I don’t think about you often.

Oceana, I have a heart full of love and thanks for you. You are very good at what you do.  For me you are a drug, a good drug,  if there is such a thing.  Something that I am sure I couldn’t get enough of.

Thinking of you, Oceana, and the sensual ease and calmness you bring.

Oceana, Thank you for being. I know you are really busy and your practice is flourishing.  You have a divine gift and create such special space when you are with others.  My heart is full and filled with thanks.  So if I may I  want to thank you.  I hope you are ok with me thinking about you.  It is respectful and tasteful.  You are a goddess and I hope I can be back with you again.

Oceana, You are so beautiful and amazing.  I don’t write reviews as I don’t do this enough but if I were to write a review on you no one would believe me.  As you are indescribable. Thank you for seeing me.  Thank you Oceana, You are amazing.

Dear Beautiful Goddess, I must say that it is you, you are the Goddess. You are beautiful beyond words, nurturing, sensual and inspirational.

Oceana, I was in awe of your beauty both inner and outwardly as well as you body and it’s lines. Lines that are equivalent to the strokes and lines that make up exquisite art. Your sanctuary has such a positive aura about it that I couldn’t help but feeling infused with your passion. It was a very comforting, safe and loving feeling I received from the warmth of your body as it enveloped me. Yes, I am continuing to breath and send energy to my hip. How wonderful of you to send me energy as well.

Dear Oceana,  Learning  about my body and the process of letting go of what holds me back was enlightening. We hold these things day in and day out and give them too much room in our lives. I’m very open to the process of letting it go. I also found myself quite taken by your beauty bod,  have not been able to stop thinking of your beauty all afternoon and into the evening. Feeling things that I have not felt before (BIG Blush)!

Oceana, Thank you for the positive and truly important practice you do. I believe that we all need to learn more about the sensual, sexual aspect of our lives and how to love ourselves and our own bodies again! Thank you for showing me how to believe in myself and loving myself again Goddess.

Oceana, Your book is a masterpiece and I am working my way through it. One thing which has slowed my progress is the pictures of this stunningly beautiful woman which occur  throughout the book in sensuous and erotic poses. Whoever she may be she certainly has my full attention! I would look forward seeing you again next week.

Hello Oceana 🙂 I’m hoping to arrange an in-person session with you through your website. Thank you for sharing these delightful videos with me. You are as comforting as you are beautiful.

Hey Oceana, I hope you’re having a beautiful weekend  I keep coming back to watch your ONly Fans videos, watching you and hearing your voice and your words. They’re so explosive with sexual energy. You’re a goddess 👸

Thank you Goddess, Your touch, warmth and healing spirit is so amazing!! 💖

Thanks again for your lovely care and healing. Things are feeling better already….💥💖

Autumn 2023 

Dear Oceana, Nice meeting you! Your session was very insightful and mesmerizing

Dear Oceana, That was pure MAGIC. I was overwhelmed from start to finish. Thank you goddess for your artistry and imagination ❤️

Dear Oceana, I appreciate the wonderful sessions. Looking forward to celebrating  with you.  See you tomorrow.

Oceana, Most importantly, thank you for being present and receptive when I visited out, and for your unique medicine language. You’re a living angel and your healing energy is powerfully felt by me and so many others. Thank you again.

Love to you 💗 Goddess Oceana, Ah, so you are a lover of India… That makes perfect sense… You are kind like the people here🙏

Hello, Oceana, I’d love to spend another session with you. 🙏 Feeling lots of growth this month. I am enjoying the challenge of my journey at the moment. Much energy coursing through my body, raising my consciousness through the ROOF! I need to connect with you as my oasis, excited to be guided by you!

My Dear Sweet Dakini Oceana!! So much time has passed and too much to recap but just life and crazy times but I’m still very much 100% totally and utterly alive. I just haven’t made it to the city to see you since we moved away! Among my explorations, I’ve had a lot of awakening and all kinds of trippy happenings. I think of you often and send warm special love your way from wherever I am to wherever you are. Tell me how you are doing….. much love and peace and happinessssss 🙏🏻☯️🕉️🖤🤍

Good morning, Oceana, Thank you again for yesterday’s session. I admire your trust and natural approach to our session. You have broadened my horizon. The transition from the very first moment that I stepped in with a racing heart and the uncertainty of the unknown to when  flow of energy occurred was magic. 🙏🏻

Oceana, It was so lovely to meet you and I shall let you know when I am back in New York city. Thank you.

Hello beautiful Oceana, I hope that you have had a wonderful season and are enjoying the NYC fall.  I am interested in seeing you again. I have had a very busy and stressful year focused on work and would like to reignite the path we were on together. I have maintained many of the lessons you taught me, but feel I am not fully present and would like to unlock that and grow further.

Dear Oceana, Thank you for the wonderful and mind expanding session yesterday! The new and heightened sensations in Boundassage practice were fun, and wild, particularly since I was blindfolded, and my mind could focus fully on my senses! It was a great journey! Thank you for a wonderful session.  You are beautiful, fantastic, creative and so loving! I treasure my time with you! Sincerely.

Oceana, Your OF videos are so special. I often find myself watching them again and again.

Dear Oceana, I am so profoundly grateful to You for all your loving care for me over the years. I am deeply grateful for all I have learned from you about myself, human nature, love, intimacy, human connection, communication, and being a father, man and human … and thank you such wonderful, fun in the process. See you soon!

Oceana, Thank you for the warm welcome. I was graced by your presence in September of ’22 in NYC. You are so incredibly magical as a giver of healing energy. I am so glad to be part of your OF.

Oceana- I hope you are well. I greatly enjoyed our session and learned a lot. You were perfect as always. I spent some time on your website this morning and your teachings are becoming increasingly clear. I look forward to continuing working with you. Best

Spring  2023

Dear Oceana, I love you. You bring tears to my eyes, not of sadness, but of love, feelings, gratitude, appreciation. Every day is a new emotion, experience, move forward. I anxiously await our next meeting. Thank you from my heart for your presence, heart, love and wisdom. Love.

Dakini, Our first session was a wonderful introduction. You are so gentle and beautiful. Thank you so much! I hope you have a wonderful evening. Clearly you’re a gift to the world. .

Wonderful Oceana, We are so so happy. and feeling wonderful after an exhilarating afternoon😃 It was an unforgettable afternoon!

Oceana, When you post on OF, I feel like you are speaking directly to me. Your ability to connect is masterful. The sensual chocolate trail and exploration sounds amazing.

Honestly feel like a completely new man. Thank you 🙏🏼

Your energy was incredible, guidance & knowledge truly welcomed and that was the single best full body experience I’ve had to date. My head was pins and needles right down to my toes on the best of ways. Appreciate your talent and thank you again!

Dear Oceana, Divine Muse, Thank you for enlivening me and reminding me to live my life fully. I need to take care of myself as a still-living human with vitality and needs and hopes and dreams. You are certainly part of that for me. I always love and value our time together, and do not want to see that ever end. As I took the two- hour drive which affords me much music but also deep thought, I thought of all the happiness and bliss I have enjoyed in your company. I thought of the three group events I attended.  I do have many friends and my amazing family, but they are quite different from the kinds of things I have enjoyed with you. Life is too short to deny ourselves, myself, the possible enjoyments, within boundaries.  Again, I leave wishing you happiness, bliss, joy and fulfillment in all that you do. With much gratitude and love.

Time flies.  It was 6 years ago today when I had my first break through session with you.  I am still learning from it.  I am so grateful that you are a Dakini 🙏🌹

Thank you for a lovely time spent together … You are outSTANDing!! that’s you … always unusual and surprising at the same time familiar and so warm & comfortable. I love going wherever you guide me. New dimensions in the best ways. Thank you. And onward we go…..

Dear Goddess, Thank you again for a wonderful journey yesterday! I really do appreciate your patience with me, as I am new to so many of what you guide me to discover.  Please do continue to push me, push my boundaries, make me better!!!!! I will work on improving myself before my next session. Promise. See you soon again!

Thank you again for an absolutely beautiful escape. I feel like I shed the past months of stress and I’m ready to start anew. Be well and again, thank you.

Hello Oceana, Radiant Spring Greetings! I valued our last session. The residual energy lasted for several days. I finished reading your book as a continuation of my journey of tantric discovery and look forward to seeing you again. Will you be available for a lesson this week? Namaste.

Hi Oceana, I just wanted to THANK YOU for the amazing session. I really liked the flow of things happened and really really enjoyed your dance  moves, that was the best part for sure. Have a wonderful week and hope to see you soon.

To my Guide and Inspiration,  You have an amazing ability to write posts and put into words guidance and affirmation that touches my soul, especially when you said “This is your world…To traverse and explore…Empower yourself…Send breath more deeply into your body… This is your life, your now…Find the moments within each day to reconnect… Healthy living…Let go of cravings…Listen to the thoughts in your mind…Separate the negatives from the positives…”  So simple, focused, powerful and pure.  Reassuring and reaffirming. Thank you.

Hello Oceana, Just wanted to thank you for another excellent evening. My wife and I really enjoyed our selves and look forward to next time.

Hello Oceana, I wanted to reach out to you before I lost some of these thoughts. Thank you for your kindness and hospitality, you were patient and able to help me relax and be present in the moment. I told you I was hoping to find someone I could trust and allow myself to be truly vulnerable with; emotionally and physically. In just our first session found glimpses and moments that showed me that was possible. I do find you easy to talk with, and I especially enjoy the in the moment dialogue when we were laughing and smile. Trust being created in the moment.

Oceana, You have shown me you have strong intuition to read my vibe and I am interested in seeing you again. Again, many thanks for your warmth and showing up for me. It meant more than you realize. Cheers.

 Thank you again, I appreciate my time with you.  Not only is it a great experience you always teach me something new.  Enjoy your weekend. ☺️

Hi Dakini! Thank you again for coordinating such an amazing experience.💃🏃‍♀️Hope the other couples in the group had a great time as well! Looking forward to our next group experience!

Dear Princess, You are soooooo wonderful! Thank you for your care, reminding me that we always get past the storms with new opportunities and sunshine on the other side. Best to remember that we always get through them with patience and breath.

Oceana, Thank you for posting the Rose Video on YouTube! It’s great to be able to hear you and enjoy your message. It is always refreshing! I hope that you can post more educational videos, over time. Forever grateful.

Thank you. I feel fantastic. I really appreciate you.

Thank you for always being so enlightened, caring, and wholly sensual. It’s a wonderful thing to feel comfortable around you. ❤️

Dearest !! I love how intuitive you are. your eyes, windows into you loving soul, your face, more likely to launch 1,000 ships than Helen of Troy did. I cannot thank you and praise you enough for how you loved and supported me…I am so grateful! Thank you. I loved how you listened. Listening indicates caring. It matters so much. I cannot wait to come back!

Dear Goddess, It has been so long since I have visited New York. I hope to soon again. I watched your OF videos. I cannot put in words the things that I felt as I heard your voice again and saw your beauty.  New sensations and thoughts… racing heart….. beating faster….. standing solemn….. speechless…….  feelings things that I have never felt before….. an awakening….. mind blowing.

Dakini, You are on a level and world that I want to be on.  I can say is thank you.  I express my gratitude for your abundance of kindness and generosity.  Your willingness and non judgement.  I hope only good wonderful praiseworthy things are found in your future.  There is a term or phrase called “the givers, gain”.  Because your heart is so full of life and love and because you are so willing to share your magic with others, than I hope your rewards are so plentiful.

Oceana, I can’t say enough praiseworthy things about you.  No one is perfect.  But you are the closest thing to perfection I have ever met.  

Dear Oceana, Many many thanks for the beautiful OF and YouTube videos. They help me feel close to you and this helps me feel calm. I hope I can make it by the end of the month. I miss you

Goddess. .  lovely spectacular exploratory celebratory unusually exotic oceanic even comic and always with love love love all around surrounding … nowhere else, no one else like you ……… 🌻💐🌺🌷🌸🌹🌼🔥

Oceana, Just wanted to express gratitude for you and for how you held such a space for me and my partner this week! We are communicating and understanding each other in new and beautiful ways, and having a lot of fun. 💜💜💜💜 You are such a healing magical force. So much love.

Dakini, It was a truly transformative experience I had at your session. Thank you so very much. I have never felt such sensations. Have a great day and hopefully I can meet again soon 🙏🏽

Autumn/ Winter 2023

Tkanks so much for tonight. This has been absolutely wonderful and an amazing experience to me. You very much helped me on my personal journey.

Have a happy Thanksgiving, love and blessings

Thank you again for the amazing experience! You were awesome! I will reach out to you next week regarding your availability for December.  😊

I’m laying here, on the verge of passing out (jet lag, after all), and I am just so taken by how much of yourself you shared and gave tonight.  I feel so lucky to be treated like a prince by such an amazing person and woman.  I’ve never had somebody be able to read me quite like you did, and it’s both humbling and inspiring to have been in your presence.  I can’t wait until we meet again.

Hello Dakini!!!! I want to come and see you if you will receive me! I miss you.

Dearest Dakini, I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart. While I have enjoyed sessions with you for years–you have helped me embrace and experience pleasure like I never felt before, and also always listened and advised me in life’s journey, yesterday you surpassed all expectations. As you know, I now face some serious life challenges, with my family and my own path moving forward. Yesterday you listened to every word I spoke, built on your extensive knowledge of my past, and guided me to understand and cope with the most difficult time of my life. I feel validated, supported, cared for, well-advised and loved. You helped me see my way forward with such perception and wisdom. You remembered details from my past that shape my emotional responses now. And you clearly understood my deepest fears, doubts and even guilt, and advised me as to how I can live productively and happily while coping with the toughest challenges and decisions a person can face. I feel so liberated and validated. You helped me dig deep, look inside, and realize how I can live a blissful, productive and happy life. Thank you. I am forever indebted to you. I will be back soon to update you on how everything progresses!

Good morning my dear Goddess, Thank you for your thoughts and guidance. I do feel so very comfortable in your presence, on many dimensions, the tapestry is really beautiful. I feel like it’s similar to closing my eyes and listening to a wonderful Mozart symphony, with all the musicians creating a vibrant, living, breathing painting in my mind. Invigorating, stimulating and soothing, all at the same time.  You are my Mozart! I’m very glad to have shared my story with you. I have more, and would like to continue our conversation. If we could spend some time talking again, would be beautiful.

Thank you so much for your beautiful gifts Oceana. I feel so grateful for the way you, like an angel, became a guide for me this year. I hope you have a beautiful day and hope to see you again soon ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you for a beautiful session. After, I found some lunch and have been relaxing on the beach. The ocean after session is really blissful!

Spring/ Sunmer 2023

Hi Beautiful Oceana, I look forward to seeing you again in the very very near future. ❤️

Oceana, You really helped bring out the positive energy in our relationship and we would love to have you with us again.

Dakini Oceana, I love the spontaneity,  letting you lead us into a new universe of time and space, bliss during our time. 

Oceana, This is really exciting. I feel honored to receive your guidance.  Anticipation for our next meeting is killing me🥰. Peace ❤️❤️

Hello Dakini. I want to reach out to you with love and respect. I love our healing sessions and I draw upon your immense energy in trying to keep up my belief in beautiful things…. including myself. With love.

Hello, beautiful Goddess, 🌈 sharing my rainbow with you ❤️

Dear Oceana, I am just gazing at your only fans videos, listening to your voice, a little place to go, your small movies. . . You are play, you are sensuality incarnate … even in the tiny form factor of my phone screen , you loom large, powerful, and an inspiration for growth………See you soon again in person!

Oceana, Last session left me feeling refreshed and a little less certain of my tactile senses, given our discussions about temperature and my own observations of how quickly the pinnacle pleasure point has sneaked up on me with you, versus others. I’m most sensitive to your heat.

My Dear, Thank you for a wonderful evening! I always love exploring with you, it’s so much fun! I truly appreciate all the time and thought that you put into our adventures, from the cleanliness of your studio, preparing a new and delicious treat, and of course, you, in beautiful, artistic, sexy lingerie and a dreamy lotion all over your body!!! Your long, flowing hair, warm smile and mesmerizing eyes, ahhhhhh, so beautiful and wonderful!

Thank you! I shall enjoy my new protein shakes and desserts, thank you for the healthy recipe. Yummy!!! I love how you take care of me. Hugs and kisses.

Oceana, That was really wonderful. You are a beAutiful person and I thank you!’ I’ll be back. A wonderful Chemistry and look forward to more!! The lingerie looked amazing on you!! I’ll be back soon you are a wave of excitement and calm and beauty! Until next time!!

Dakini,  left our most recent session feeling ready for renewal, the way soreness after exercise, your muscle fibers re-knit themselves. I was honored by your trust in me and energized by the deepened intimacy. It was also a nice moment in which to ponder my relationship to power. If you’d see me again, I think it’d be nice to do something lighter. I appreciate your commitment.

Oceana, So lovely to see you…. you’re beautiful & remarkable & unusual & a pleasure to be with.

Dear Oceana, Thank you for your gifts! You are a beautiful person, inside and out!!

Dakini, You are on my mind often. You are beautiful and haunting. Can’t wait to see you again soon.

Oceana, Thank you so much for everything. You’ve created such a safe space to explore and express. I am so grateful for our time together.

Thank you beautiful, Priestess,

You inspire and encourage me – through your deep intuition and wisdom so eloquently formulated into words. 

Much love and gratitude to you beautiful Goddess.❤

Dear Oceana, How is it that you can read my mind from afar, rephrase it so beautifully, then post it on OF? You’re magical! See you in a few days ! Namaste.

Beautiful Oceana, I really really appreciate you sharing with me. I love feeling close to you. Now watching/listening to your beautiful voice, I can go to sleep. Nite. ❤️

Hello, my Dear, Moonlight!!! Your beautiful energy reverberates through my Soul, Spirit and Body…Dreaming of YOU! sending you all Love Infinite. Thank you for your beautiful warmth and smile❤️


Oceana, I feel totally comfortable with you. You are a pleasure to work with, easy and straightforward. Thank you.

Hello, Oceana, I just wanted to say I learned a lot last time. I’ve cried pretty deeply quite a few more times and it’s been a  easier to keep communing with my child. There is some major relief, at times. Thank you. 😊

I genuinely cannot wait until the day that I meet you. I swear it will be the best day in my life 😍 For now, it’s time to get back to watching your amazing Only Fans videos. I love learning from you and absorbing the sexual energy…

Oceana, You clear my head, make room to play and spike anxiety with excitement. I love that there is sensual soulful passion, a breathing. calming, settling with words exchanged, laughs, and a chance to let go.It’s an escape, an escapade, a time stop. A place where all time is no more. Thank you. See you again soon.

Dakini, You are amazing..thank you for our session today. I am so myself when in your company.  Thank you for the last 4 years. Fondly.

Oceana, I had a quiet day on the beach. Peaceful. Calming. Good vibes. You look absolutely gorgeous and very very sexy. Thank you for helping me to re-open a door that has been long closed. I feel you have an old soul, just like mine and this is not the 1st time we have crossed paths!

Dear Oceana, You certainly take me to new heights! And I’m loving every second of it!

  Dakini, A lot of your writing mentions the feeling of “lightness” and I found myself wondering what that meant. Now I get it. Walking to the grocery store and then home just now, I felt unburdened and my movement quality felt better than usual. Thank you for evoking the lightness.

Dear Oceana, I have another favorite OF post!!! WOW! The best part of the post is your thoughts, so deep and meaningful, getting to the central point of, well, everything. For me, Tantra has been a wonderful, energetic, uplifting experience that has impacted something between many and all aspects of my life. It’s far more than what I thought it would be when I started, and I’m not sure where it will take me, but I do so very much enjoy the journey and enlightenment.. All of it has been fantastic. Mwah!!!! Love

HI Dakini, I love your Tantra Level One Masterclass membership site.  I am so glad I am getting a better understanding from afar.

Hello my love, Thank you for the last minute emergency session. Work has been very stressful and I think you are the only one who could have helped me unwind. I will seen you soon.

Oceana, Thank you for a wonderful sessions.  Very much appreciated. You’d be happy to know that using the tools you’ve given me and by invoking your presence,  I have been taking an accounting of my being.  Searching for my truth.  Learning to be honest with me.

During this time I have thought about you almost daily. Even when/where you cannot see me, my dedicated devotion to just one Dakini remains true as I indeed Love You.

I will be able to return to you next month.    As always, I remain open to how you choose to guide me. Faithfully. ❤🧡💛💙💜

Goddess Oceana, Tonight I saw Venus along side the new moon descend together beneath the western horizon.  So inspiring, Luna and Venus sharing Earth’s sky for 4 billion years, taking this moment to be together, as fresh an experience as can be. The story of the brief encounter of Luna and Venus is a grand analogy of your influence in my life.  Profoundly powerful and beautiful.  Relating equally to the vastness of the universe and the inner life of the individual. Seemingly random but actually predestined to eventually repeat.  Heart achingly brief yet fully satisfying between times.  Sharing space and time with the experience of mutual love and respect.  A healing act right, here right now.  The constant reminder to aspire to a tantric life of being receptive and present in the moment.  Your valuable gifts are too numerous to recount. I wish you peace, harmony, and good health, my good, Dakini🌹❤️

Hi, I do smile whenever I think of you!

Dear lovely Oceana, Thank you for leaving all your content up on OF.  I do enjoy scrolling back and reliving some of the earlier posts. They are all wonderful! Thank you for the oxytocin boosts! You’re beautiful, sensual and brilliant!

Dear Dakini, It was an eye opening nurturing experience last time. I would now like to immerse and surrender myself completely and overcome my fears.

Oceana, Your words are so soothing, Goddess. I am looking forward to achieving eternal bliss with your guidance.

Oceana, Thank you so much for a great time. I really enjoyed our moment. You are a special person. Enjoy your night.

Hello Oceana, Still basking in the glory if our beautiful encounter. Thank You.

Oceana, I still think about you and all the lessons! I think it is almost time to come see you again. I am crying a lot this weekend. You are still there , with me 💖 I will carry you in my heart for the time between 😘

Oceana, That was magical 🔥

Good afternoon Goddess! I hope this msg finds you well and in peace! I wanted to reach out just to say hi! I have not been able to erase our encounter from my mind!

Dakini Oceana, I’ve seen several tantric providers, but I really enjoy how you also embrace eroticism aspects like lingerie and even fantasy, while also combining the therapeutic qualities of your work.  A higher, mind-blowing pleasure. A slow, teasing massage-esque experience geared towards being in the moment and sustained extreme arousal while being more open about my desires. This is a place to thrive.

Hallo! I like the unusual unpredictable style of your Only Fans videos.😵 🧐 Thank you for your art  🥇

Dakini, Your energy transmission last evening was received and amplified.

Namaste Dakini, I want to report that I read both your book and Deepak’s. I thought your writing was beautiful and it inspires me even more. Can’t wait to meet you in a few days.  All the best.


“Dear Dakini, A few days ago, I think I felt, for the first time, sexual energy running through my body as I went about my day.  It felt wonderful! I’m not sure why I felt that way that day, not sure what triggered all the positive vibes. I think it was my reflecting on you, your book, your posts, your smile, your warmth, in the back recesses of my mind, perhaps it all came flowing up and out! Since then, I’ve experienced it a few times, and have a tingle of it now.  Thank you for showing me the light! Love~ “

“Oceana,  I absolutely loved yesterday!  That slow sensuous experience was exactly what I have wanted.  ♥️ Thank you. I also loved the talk at the end. It is such a wonderful thing to be able to share all the words you usually can’t say. I am pretty high today and feel as though I’ve taken some kind of drug. Yes I would like to continue ! ♥️♥️”

“Dear Dakini, Wow! I’m glad you offered email assistance because I have questions today. I think this work is going to be huge for me. Yesterday when I got home I was EXHAUSTED, But I also felt in touch with myself and more inclined to nurture myself. Thank you so, so much for your intuitive and wise help.”

“Dakini, Is it pretty normal to have a big physical response to the work? I’m imagining the answer is probably yes… So crazy! I must have been holding even more grief than I thought.  Even though I have done yoga for years, I have avoided doing a lot of breath work. I appreciate your guidance with that.”

Dear Oceana, I can’t thank you enough for the way that you worked with me yesterday, and especially your intelligence and understanding that I needed to be gently coaxed out of mild dissociation. And you were just phenomenal about offering me a clear initiation into working with energy and connection alongside the physical stimulation. It really opened my eyes.”

“Thanks again.  You were so sweet and sensual.  A wonderful evening.”

“Dear Dakini, I think the work you did with me unlocked something powerful. My inner child feels safe enough now to express to me. I’m using the breathing techniques you have recommended and soothing with my fingertips. I love this video from your MasterClass and will be listening to it a few times today, so I can have your sweet voice in my ears.”

“Dearest Oceana, Thank you, wonderful. I feel a new sense of vitality these days! I am overwhelmed with thoughts and love! My skin tingles, joy fills my lungs! I look forward to ascending the mountain with you again soon! Namaste”

“xoxoxoxoxoxo to you after this beautiful day still preening from being with you.”

“Oceana, Thank you for an incredibly healing experience. Quite explosive energetic movement. Very powerful.”

“That was SO beautiful. Thank you Oceana. ❤️❤️❤️ (: It’s so nice to be able to safely share and explore with you. Thank you for letting me be so open with you. Thank you again for always giving me a safe space ❤️”

“Woke up thinking of you and still feeling Illuminated by your intensity and feeling. Had a weekend full of divine energy, awake to the sensuousness of the earth. You brought me back ❤️🎶👏”

“Dear Oceana, your lessons on breathing have brought me to my breath… breathing life energy. Beautiful mysteriously wise, you.”

“Hi Dakini, it was really nice to speak with you yesterday. Thank you for being a safe person/space to open up to.”

“Beautiful, Oceana, thank you so much for tonight. Loved being able to share  with you, and just being able to express thoughts as they come to me. My soul is happy. “

“Dear Oceana, Thank you for another beautiful, wonderful session! I woke up this morning, still feeling the energy coursing through my body, an electric charge running around, slowly dissipating.  I still feel it, as I write this letter. I thank you for the deep discussion,  and soulfully rejuvenating touch!!!  I am so very, very glad to know you. You are wonderful!! Love”

“Oceana,  you are beyond special. Thanks for making my birthday beyond special!”

“Greetings Dakini Oceana, Hope all is well with you it’s been a while since we last connected I just want to thank you for your teachings it has been helpful during these tough times.”

“Dear Oceana, I love letting myself go with you, no pretense, no meaning, no motive but whatever flows … can’t explain it … it happens and it’s always right. you are a gift. you are a present.”

“Dear Oceana I love the radiance you share, the Mona Lisa smile on your lips and joy in your eyes and soul! Love.”

“Thank you , Love ! How fun!!! Profound gratitude to you.”

“My gorgeous Oceana, I hope you have been well. Wishing u a peaceful day filled with love all around you. It’s been tough to make time to come see you but I hope that in July when my schedule opens up I’ll be able to make an appointment with you. I want and desire your touch. You’re beautiful and perfect.”

“Hello there, Lovely, I’m so glad, you make my heart happy! Looking forward to your sexy, magical Only Fans videos. I still can’t believe you put all of that together, the beautiful, soulful content, music and audio, special effects, timing, video editing.  It’s really mind blowing! May our journey never end! Namaste.”

“Hello, Dakini, I felt strong and sweet tonight and did some grieving. The present and conscious breathing is intense but really beautiful and ultimately I just felt really grateful tonight for the life I have gotten to have, with so much freedom and adventure. I look forward to our next appointment. And I need to buy your book!”

“Dear Dakini, Thank you very much for a very wonderful time. Thank you very much for your very kind words. I want to share even more talking next time I visit. I feel we have a nice spiritual connection & I feel the reason we met. I wish you complete peace & blessing always. Thank you very much again.”

“Sending you great energies  and wishing you great weekend 🧚‍♀️💫🌞❤️”

“Dear Oceana, I am not sure if you recall but I visited you several times about 9 years and then again in 2018. I saw you again this past week on sacrederos.com. I have not seen anyone in a very long time as I had given up the hobby a number of years ago and then I went through many hardships and have had challenging times for sure. But I do remember you well and would be honored to reconnect again. I hope you are available and I would be honored to see you. Look forward to hearing from you! Enjoy the rest of the day. Best.”

“Hello, Oceana, I sent the sanctuary a gift. See you next week. ❤️”

“Hi Oceana, Just wanted to thank you for a lovely time. Your massage hands are incredible. As is everything else about your presence. I look forward to seeing you again.”

“Good morning Oceana. I hope you are feeling great, as you definitely deserve. I and my wife wanted to schedule a couple of sessions for the summer from the greatest Oceana. You have done such a fantastic job, that should make you very proud for the rest of your life. I know we have our profession , because that is how we make a living, but it is extraordinary to know that we have a chance to change people’s lives for better. And YOU HAVE DONE IT. I will never never forget you, and you will always have a very special place in my heart. We are eager to learn and experience more of Oceana’s magic. We miss you 😘. Have a lovely ❤️weekend.”

“Greetings Goddess, Sorry for the long pause. I feel I am ready to take in your positive energy again – your kindness, nurturing, and your amazing smell from every part…..it made me alive again last time.”

“Oceana, I am much better texting than saying anything in person. Thank you so much for the beautiful oasis you gifted me. Your energy, beauty, and care are truly as if being in the presence of a goddess. I’ll be sure to keep in touch but for now again, just a sincere thank you for this experience. “

“You are an absolute dream 😍 your Only Fans video in the sexy lingerie and louboutins took me to another planet today. A goddess 😘 You are overall gorgeous 🥰”

“Dear Lovely Oceana, Your Only Fans videos always amaze me! You are so beautiful, so sensual, so brilliant!! You are a fantastic sensual tantric artist!!! I am sooooooo happy to know you!!!! I had a very restful, pleasant night’s sleep!  Still feeling the goosebumps in my body and soul today!”

“Hey, That was pretty epic. It was good to have today off after something like that, I’ll try to schedule that way in the future if I can. I’m so glad we met, this kind of work, with someone like you is a Godsend. I learned a ton (experientially) although some of it was tough lessons. Thank you and I’m gonna try to be easy on myself til next time.”

“Dear Oceana, I look forward to seeing you again! This comes at a good time. I have been on a journey since I saw you last. The healing has accelerated with the breathing practice  in my body. the path is clear to me so that’s a good thing! 💖”

“Oceana, Your recent posts on Only Fans are so hot that I had to pleasure myself twice today.  You’re so beautiful. “

“Lovely Oceana, I logged in this evening to your Tantra Masterclass Level 1 videos and podcast page.  I listened to your “Opening Your Crown” video. Thank you for recharging my soul! Kisses.”

“Dear Oceana, Your poetry and visual artistry always amaze me! Your ONLY FANS posts are beautiful and moving. Thank you so much!  I’m looking forward to my next IN STUDIO visit, to re-charge and re-energize! Ecstatically. . .”

“Thank you, Dakini Oceana! I’m blown away by your content. I joined ONLY FANS because I thought your post on Sacred Eros was too good to be true but I wanted to learn more. I see now it’s just the opposite — your Sacred Eros post doesn’t even begin to show how truly sensual and erotic you are. Your voice, word, and image all unite here to present a compelling preview of what might be possible to witness in a meeting with you. I’m very intrigued!”

“Dear Dakini Oceana, Thank you for listening to me, extending your empathy, and resetting my mindset. You’re an oasis of understanding in a world of pain. I tried to keep my shoulders back on the way back to my hotel, and I’m going to continue practicing my deliberate breathing and conscious presence. I’ve got a long ways to go, but I have hope that the time we shared this evening will give rise to a whole new chapter of my life. Thank you for the start of my healing. Sincerely.”

Oh my Dear, One, Thank you for the inspiration, and for the assuring words.  I am doing well now in my isolated state, and I look forward to being under your loving care again soon.

Thank you so much Oceana! I’m so grateful for the connection to you that I felt and the warmth of you and your spirit. I feel so peaceful right now and our time together was a gift that I cherish.  I feel  your graceful eloquent presence in my heart. I can’t wait to see you again. Sending you warm hugs.

Good Morning Dakini. I miss you very much, trust you are in a good place and always wish you well.  Looking forward to be in your physical presence again soon.

Dakini, I look forward to seeing you very soon. Stay safe, stay well my good teacher-friend.

Dakini, As water ran down my chest, arms, torso and legs in the shower this morning, I noticed how refreshed I felt. The subtle calm is still with me. The top of my feet still tingling! Wonderful! Thank you for a magical experience, to the stars and back! Can’t wait to see you again! Namaste.

Dear Oceana, Thank you for all you’ve done for me. I have a new vitality, and I am eternally grateful! I hope you are enjoying this beautiful day, and every day! Many hugs.

Oceana, I have been mulling over our gathering and your thoughts, much to ponder. I have some other ideas, thoughts I could use your reflection on to sort out some of this gray matter, but what’s so wonderful … I know you understand. I will be in touch again to arrange some time to talk.

Dear Oceana, Thank you for the divine lesson. Namaste!

Dear Oceana, Thanks a lot for your continuing outstanding and intemporal support, even despite the distance. This is particularly helpful in a period like ours.

I bought your book, where you have put a lot of yourself, this is remarkable. I know your mission puts you at the front edge of risk, and I dearly wish the present problems are not impacting you too much. You are still helping a lot, and I am practicing following your advice several times a week ! You are a marvelous enlightening of people’s minds in a hopefully soon pacified world. Yours, Love.

Dear, Oceana, I would like to resume sessions with you.  When I came to see you almost six years ago I was at a crossroads in my life, already going down a path to make changes. I quickly figured out that you were the one to help me get where I wanted to go, and you did. I’m in a more serene place now.  Most of the issues I faced then have been resolved, not perfectly, but as well as any human situations can be. When your biggest problem is how to deal with “the pain of having original thought”,  you’re in a happy place. I’m coming to you now to explore where our work together will take me next.  I have no specific agenda.  I don’t know where I might be headed, and that’s fine.

You are paradise.

Hi Oceana!  My wife and I would like to come and work with you again, just like our last visit.  We both speak of that session often as one of our most amazing experiences. You are truly masterful. We both send you our love.

Oceana, My wife and I were so happy. It all went even better than we had hoped or expected. You are fantastic and did a fantastic job. Thank you!

Dakini, You are unbelievable.

Oceana, You are a beautiful, Amazing gift that I’m so happy to have come across. You don’t know how much you help me and make me feel better. That’s the best gift anyone can give me.

Oceana, Thank you again for a wonderful experience, deeper into the world of love – My wife and I can’t wait to see how it unfolds further. I sent an additional donation to you as a thank you for being such a wonderful guide to us. Sending love.

Oceana, You are so strong and healthy!!!! I LOVE it!

Oceana – Thank you so much for your sensual posts.I experienced a deep tantric awareness several years ago. And you are a much more sensual and alluring tantrica than my first experience. I look forward to this.

You are such a super model.

Wow, the most beautiful woman in the entire universe! Everything you touch and anything you wear becomes beautiful!

I was just watching some of your OF videos. You are so powerful.

Oceana, I’m over the moon today. Thank you so much. I felt so full and open and free after we met. You are so wonderful to talk to. It feels incredible to tell you these private things. What beautiful thoughts! I absolutely LOVE everything you say. It’s incredible. Thank you for loving and accepting me.

Thank you for giving me this safe space. Just feeling so free and open being able to express myself with someone finally! This makes me so happy. This is a dream come true. You are the best Oceana.

Thank you so much for another beautiful session. My heart is still soaring. You are so amazing. You understand me so well. It’s like you’re in my mind!

Hello, Beautiful! I love your new photos on OF! Soooooo cool they are Hot! My Love, Light and Admirations to the most Beautiful Woman of the Universe, who happens to be the incredibly talented, genius I have met, and a model! Thank you for gracing my life and making it better!

You are a TRUE GODDESS! I love to be guided by you.

My Beautiful Goddess, While this may be difficult to accept as truth, fact is, I so terribly miss you. I believe deeply, the universe has blessed me with your presence and proved its power through your grace. Next week, I look forward to picking up where we left off, and most certainly, I cannot wait to share a space of healing and transcendence with you once again.

Dakini, Thank you for your Gaze, your Beautiful Smile, and your electrifying, healing touch.

Oceana, If I were to write to someone describing how you make me feel it would say: “She is indescribably fascinating and an absolute pleasure to be with. What she brings out in me is a wild harmony that verges on positive insanity and lustful freedom. It is serious play and crazy intelligence. Every moment spent with her is precious.”

Oceana, Thanks for yesterday. I had the best sleep last night  that I have had in years   See you next month

Dear Dakini, My soul is nestled in the warmth of your compassion…I can feel it. Therefore I know I’m loved deeply by you.  So I smile and send my deep affection, my love and my sincere desire to warm your soul and pleasure your heart.

Dear Oceana, Wow what a great meeting everything and more that I had hoped for my wife loved it. Thank you. You’ ll here from us again sometime soon. Take care & best wishes

Hello Beautiful Oceana, what a wonderful way to begin Valentines weekend. We both wish you a weekend full of soul fulfilling love, passion and happiness. We love you very much and long to see you again in person! 💘

Thank you Dakini. Things have been a bit unsettled. You cheered me up. I will be in touch again soon. Have a great holiday weekend!

Dear Oceana, Thinking about you and want to wish you the best for Valentines weekend! Miss seeing you!!

Oceana, I follow you on OF. I have a deep desire to fly with you. I love your voice, your words, and of course your body. I am a true fan!

Dear Oceana, It has been around a year since we last connected in person and I wanted to say hello. I just awoke from a dream in which we shared a sensual experience, which never happend before. The dream seemed to point towards overcoming my inhibitions and shame about sexuality…I was grateful to see you and receive your wordless guidance. I truly appreciate the moments we have shared. Circumstances of this past year have no doubt been unusual, and I want you to know that I am not lost and am eager to return to you when the time is right.

Hi Oceana,  Let me know when people are ready to come back for group workshops to your beautiful space. I’m so looking forward to it. I really need some fun!♥️

My beautiful Oceana, I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I have been thinking about your beautiful and sexy self. Missing your touch against my skin.

Dakini, I wanted to let you know your new video on OF was amazing, it put me into so many memories with you I can’t wait to see you soon. Miss you lots!

Dear Princess, Happy Birthday sweetheart I wish I could celebrate with you. I really miss you a lot. I hope the delivery will work smoothly. I hope to see you before the summer. Hugs and Kisses.

Dear Oceana, You are the prettiest, most beautiful, most precious, sexiest Woman in the infinite vastness of the universe. . .and. . .as if that were not enough, she is only a genius, poet, singer, writer, dancer. . . She is beyond human. . . She is a Goddess. . . a source of infinite, delicate inspiration. . . kisses and hugs to you!


Dear Oceana, Thanks for a fantastic afternoon yesterday! I knew it was going to be special when I walked through the door and saw your sparkling eyes, beautiful hair and sexy lingerie, and the special place you made for us near your candlelit fireplace. Then, that great pre-shower gazing and dance! I was amazed, excited and thrilled!

Oceana, I really enjoyed the discussion and opening up.  I loved how you mentioned “synchronicity” a few times while you took me on an exhilarating journey. It was wonderful! Thank you for the loving touch of the on the injuries in my back as well.

You are intriguing gift!

Oceana, That was truly a remarkable session and I continue to feel the energy.  Can’t wait to see you again – So excited I have a new guide.

Dakini, Thanks for a wonderful time. Harmony. Heavenly.  Ecstasy.

Oceana, You are “marvelous,” “hypnotic” and “somehow magic.” Beautiful voice, mind, …and body…Enjoying the relaxed vibe and being in the sound.

Oceana, Many thanks for this beautiful gift You are just superb.

Hey Oceana. Really appreciated at so many levels.  And despite having a really hectic & stressful day, somehow I am still managing to re-locate that tranquil space we create.  Not sure how long that effect / my ability to do that will last but definitely a shift of some sort for me.  Thank you for all the kinds words and ongoing / unconditional support.  I feel it and cherish it.  I wish I could do the same for you… Thank you 💕🌸

Dakini, I’m studying the deep feminine mystery. My sessions with you guided me to continue connecting with my body and my inner child in very healing ways, that I’ve continued to connect to, and now with the practices I’m exploring my inner self as it is today without smoke and mirrors. You’ve also been in my mind in the last couple of days as I told a friend about my work with you and afterwards, and she’s interested in knowing if you would work with her in healing her womb.

Hello Dakini, I wanted to say thanks for sharing your info in your video on your website. I really enjoyed Listening to your introductory video. I had a feeling that I should start learning about this area of energy. Now I have a better understanding of how Tantric energy works. It’s wonderful that you have a love and passion to  share this with everyone. I can’t visit right now, but just wanted to write you an email and thank you for all the work you do.

Hi Sara Oceana, The energy around our interactions does somehow have a magical way.  As always, looking forward to seeing you.  You are so light spirited, even through e-mail.  It’s amazing how you can create that sense for me even asynchronously.  🙂  Thinking of you.

Oceana, Thank you – you are truly unique.

Dear Oceana, I hope this mail finds you well. How have you been? These lockdowns are so frustrating. It has been way too long now. I miss you. Take good care. Hugs and kisses.

Oceana, I am soaking up the energy you offer from afar and I will stand with my back to the wind until I am lifted into your personal grace to join in those lovely explorations with boundless glee. Much love!

Oceana, Thank you.  I am so looking forward to seeing you again. Class. Passion. Warmth. Soulfulness.

Oceana, Thank you so much, you’re an amazing woman and I look forward to continuing to expand my sensual self. ❤️

Oceana, my love, You look amazing and beautiful 🥰 You’re so sexy in so many ways I can’t describe you. I know I always say I miss you, but I honestly do miss every second that I am with you. You are making me and shaping me to become a beautiful soul and you just make me a better person. I have deep respect and love for you. I can’t wait to see you again soon.

Dear Oceana, Much love to you with my heart focused on the next time I will be in your presence.  With continued gratitude.

Oceana, You and your temple have been a savior in 2020 for me. I look forward to 2021 and continued experiences within your sacred space. Best wishes and thoughts.

Oceana, I came and saw you a few months ago. Love the videos on Only Fans and am excited to come back in when I’m back in the city.

Oceana.  Thank you the wonderful, beautiful and very enriching time together!  I look forward to eye gazing and sychronized breathing again! Namaste

Oceana, Dakini, Listening to your latest OnlyFans post, I love the way you read from page 50 of your book I was reading along, then heard you embellish, emphasizing “touch”, “feel”, “hear”.  Magical !!!

Oceana, You are my Dakini. 😊

Oceana. Thank you my dear. You are so special and ever mindful of your positive energy flow. We will dance again in peace and beautiful interaction.

“Oceana, My Muse, Now that I’ve come down just a little bit from Cloud 9 … (pausing now, closing my eyes, deep breath, hold, slowly exhale, calm comes over me as I gaze into your eyes)….(repeating)…Still a bit on Could 9 from last week..  I have much to learn.  Please, teach me more. Namaste.”

“My Dearest Oceana and Beloved Dakini, Yes, there is not nearly a day that goes by where I do not have a thought of you.  And without question, I reference back to our last retreat and the impact that it has had on my life. I look forward to what the Universe will unveil this year, as I journey closer to the Divine and fall deeper into your power. Speak soon my Goddess. Yours, and always in absolute devoted worship of you.”

“Dear Oceana, It’s nearly five years since I visited you in New York, and three years since our last Skype session. I still think of you every day, often several times.  Most of those thoughts are connected with nature, sensuality, and solitude, a love that we share.  I’m writing to tell you about the most poignant of these times. I often wish that we lived closer and that We might be able to be closer.  I would like that.”

“Oceana, It’s been too long since we have been together. I’ve been wanting to meet you again but next time with my husband. Maybe we can discuss our different options for a romantic rejuvenation in New York?”

“Dear Oceana, Many thanks for your kindness. You are very special

I wish you the very best. Je t’embrasse 😘”

“Oceana, There are so many wonderful emotions, memorizes and wonderments that I experienced when I was in your presence.  From the moment I saw you in person and that amazing smile you have, which is the kind of smile I often have thought of as it is the kind of smile that last all winter.  To your amazing physical beauty as well as your inner beauty which I saw in your eyes to your touch, your words, and the kindness in your heart, it is these reason and more that make it difficult for me to say what it is about you that i am thankful for. In a nutshell, as I take the time during this time of year to truly, ponder and reflect upon my blessing and gratitude that I have experienced, you are at the top of my list.  And for this I will always be grateful that you allowed me to experience, your beauty, love and kindness.  I cannot say enough about how gifted you are and what a life changer on you have been to me.  You have given me a sense of empowerment that only you could.  I believe that a person is where they are in life because of others.  I am where I am in life which is much better because of you.  I am very thankful for you.  I hope what I have said makes sense.  You are one of the greatest individuals that I have met.  I am so thankful, of how safe, nonjudgemental and a feeling and sense of love and caring when I was I your home.  I also am thankful for your honesty. Don’t go changing.  You are perfect.”

“Oceana, Thank you for your graceful letter and your warm intentions. After that emotional release of the heart I have been able to more clearly see the nature of my body energy and how it asks for expression. Your touch is very effective in this. I am doing my meditations and breathing into the root every chance I get. Of course, I am also looking forward to our next meeting…”

“Dear Oceana, I lie awake remembering the connection we shared yesterday. It feels to me as if I have found a doorway to my deepest desires, and I experience great joy that with you I have taken the first steps through it. I am so grateful for the warmth with which you met me and the safety which you helped me to feel while exploring sensuality together. What emerged was so natural and beautiful. Your gift is so special and so very needed–thank you from the depths of my heart. I emerged from your sanctuary feeling so grounded and clear, the rest of my day taking on very beautiful qualities of connection and warmth no doubt because of the space we shared. My body, especially my root, feels more alive, and my curled up tail is playing with unfurling itself to the earth. It delights in the memory of you. I look forward to many more meetings and to embodying the depths of tantra. Thank you also for your generosity with your time. I eventually hope to be able to see what unfolds during a longer session. Again, I feel as if a deep wish is coming true.  My most heartfelt gratitude”

“Graceful Oceana, I am glad I know you and you’ve helped me a million times! I appreciate you❤️”

“Hi beautiful. Thank you. Continuing our dance together is a priority to me this new year. I found a genuine connection with you, I appreciate our connection, and your guidance. Look forward to meeting again. Much love to you ❤️”

“Live wholly, Laugh fully, Love often. . . “ Dakini Oceana

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