Sensual By Nature Groups

Join this intimate and exciting group experience. . 

Contact Dakini Oceana to Inquire for Group Experience. They are Elite & Invitation Only ❤️

Workshops for Women, Men, and Couples.

The workshop experience offers a feeling of community for each members. A small, invitation only group of people join together to talk, learn and explore Enlightened Tantra Practices together at Sensual By Nature Studio. Each group is private and elite for your best healing and growth. . . I am very cognizant if keeping our special workshops safe, well-vetted and small so that you know that you are getting the individual care and attention I specialize in and love to provide for you.

All group workshops are in a candle lit space with sacred talks, movement, music, robes, oils, fruit, tea, water are all included in ceremony. As your Dakini, I Guide the group throughout each experience. . . 

All group workshops are currently held in my New York sanctuary. I can also create / lead groups experiences at your location or in a rural space for longer weekends focused on Enlightened Tantric Sensualty. Feel welcome to contact.

To join, Contact SBN via email, and tell me about you,  and why you are interested in participating.

I offer Three types of Group workshop. 

1. Individuals and Couples Workshops

This is a combination of individuals and couples. It is an ongoing group that has been meeting bi monthly for over a year and has room for growth. There is always an even number of women and men, and partners can work with individuals, as we move around in the circle. 

Here, you alone or with your beloved can enjoy unfurling and opening yourself in company of like minded people. We explore

  • Open talk
  • Enlightened Traditional Tantric spiritual concepts
  • Somatic Grounding meditations
  • Opening your Heart
    Awakening the heart-genital energy connection
    Emotional Opening and Expression & Combining and Balancing Shiva/Shakti Energies
  • Gazing, yab yum, circular breath
  • The Art of Communication/ Giving & Receiving Touch- ask for, learn more about what  you like!
    Learn Mutual Tantric Touch & Pleasure Cultivation/ Pelvic Heart Connection
    Pleasure Meditation. . .
  • Cuddling. . .

💕For each group : As always, discuss with me personally if donations are stopping you from joining. If you are a good fit for group, of course we would rather have your presence.

2. Goddess Circle

Ah, yes. . . A beautiful circle of just women. This group is dedicated to creating time and allowing space that Goddesses need and deserve to explore and honor their individual sexuality. It is an ongoing group that will develop our own calendar dates throughout the year based on each person’s schedule. 

Here we explore:  Open Talk  – anything can and is ways discussed, many Goddess bring a need to heal from trauma, etc


Tantric Breathing,

Grounding, Eye Gazing

Opening Yoni/ Learning to reinvigorate numbness with vitality

Using breath to cultivate Extended Pleasure. . .

Sensual Massage Techniques

Erotic Dance Techniques 

Awakening the heart-genital energy connection

Afterglow. . . Cuddling. . .Bonding with sisters

Donation is the usual 60 min session/ 400 per person.

3. Shiva Open Talk Circle

Ah. . . yes. This is a group dedicated to just men. This is a 3-4 hour Open Talk Circle. A space for men to have the time they deserve and need to talk openly together,  to learn more about their individual sexuality, emotional life, and expressions. There is no bodywork technique offered here. This is simply a grounded circle of men to explore their inner lives with the support of other men through the guidance of Dakini. This is an ongoing group that will develop our own calendar dates throughout the year based on each person’s schedule. 

 Here we explore:

  • Open Talk  – anything can and is ways discussed, many Shivas bring a need to heal from trauma, etc
  •  Meditation
  • Tantric Breathing
  • Heart Opening
  • Combining Male and Female energies within 
  • The donation is 300/ the usual donation for a 90 min health and wellness session. 

“Live Wholly, Love Deeply, and Laugh often. . . ” . . . xo

To enhance your Tantric path, I gift you complimentary content and teachings on this site. If you are inspired and wish make a contribution to SBN Studio, you are welcome to here. 🌺 Your gifts are appreciated and dedicated to studio growth 🌺
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