November Workshop at Sensual by Nature Studio- Healing Trauma through Developing Trust with Others & Connecting with Sensuality in the Body

This November we tried a different style workshop at Sensual by Nature Studio.

A few people who have attended several workshops are specifically working through childhood trauma, and wanted a focused group on that.

Since they knew one another already they felt comfortable communing together to explore their sensuality in relationship to trauma and trust.

It was incredibly healing, where much aggression, and playful childlike, and mature sensual expression were combined to create a new way for each of them to break down historical walls and become vulnerable in the safe space of sanctuary.

Of course each individual who attends workshops and sessions at Sensual by Nature are protected in a healing light of privacy and anonymity because this enhances their capacity to feel free to express in a trusting and safe environment, and thus enhances their capacity to heal.

Of course, I like to help you learn a bit more about what we do and what you can experience at Sensual by Nature Studio, so I have created a video clip with some audio from inside our special Trauma Workshop. If you listen to the audio I have attached to the video clip I have shared for you in this segment, You will hear a bit of what we did in workshop.

You will hear the use of vocal expression, primal screams. We do this to allow the expression of visceral aggression. This expression gives the body a sense that any emotion is ok to feel, all can be accepted and thus transformed. As the aggression was felt, you will hear it transform and lighten, which, as you will hear, organically awakened natural laughter and joy. This is because when we express, we move beyond trappings of story in our minds, and are led to experience the joys of pure presence. This happens together, in and through the bonding of trust.

Workshops at SBN are organized, created and led by Dakini Oceana.

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