Beautiful, Sensual Souls,

Do you often feel that you are living on this planet in a human body, longing to experience a deeper sensuality? Video

We are all wired differently. Some people crave less touch than others. Some people don’t know how more touch could help them heal, and grow, and simply aren’t interested in exploring that path. Some people crave more touch as they do understand the healing, medicinal qualities it brings to their lives. Some people crave touch to the point that it is unhealthy, and become vampiric in their quest, because their touch experience isn’t yet related to the connection to their inner soul, and synergy with nature, and source. Nobody is good, bad, right, wrong, or unimportant. We are all human. We are all having a human experience, and our way of being is uniquely and delicately constructed of a myriad of personal experiences, personal responses to each experience, and natural born essence.

The important take from these thoughts and ideas, is to learn and understanding of your own needs. Of course, needs change, ebb, flow, depending on circumstance, emotion, and specific needs and responses to our inner and outer world. Of course, we can develop an intimacy with ourselves that can flow along with changing needs and learn to understand ourselves, as we crave another person to understand us. All relationships begin with out relationship to ourselves. Compassion, Acceptance, Understanding, Nurturing, and Love. 

So, what is Sensual by Nature Elite Membership?

I am writing this piece for you, because I am attuned to the reality that many different needs, desires and longing live within each human being. As much as I want to be able to meet with each of you in person to discuss and learn and explore all that you are, and all that Tantra can bring to your life, I know that in the fast paced ever changing world, that may not always be possible. I created the new Virtual Forum SBN Elite Membership for you, so that you can explore your sensual nature remotely, in your own time and in repeated listenings, as often as you wish. I know that anything Virtual or in written word will never be the same as in person experience.

Empowering YOU.

I also know that sometimes in person experience can be so ‘intense’ that you may be left wondering, after a beautiful transcendent session together,

  • How can I relive that in my own life?
  • How can I remember all that she showed me, where she guided me, how she opened me up to this new level of sensual awareness?
  • I want to explore the Tantric Path, but I am not able to visit Studio as often as I would like to.
  • I often feel other Tantric teachers and Group forums on the Internet discuss ‘ideas,’ but don’t guide me into deeply transcendent experience. How can I have experiential learning online?

I created this new Elite Membership to EMPOWER YOU, to give you access to some of what we do in Studio, via video talks, practices, mediations and erotic fantasies. This is precisely what you will find when you join the SBN Elite Membership.

Basic Information about Membership is available here, Brass Tacks if you will: SBN ELITE MEMBERSHIP.

To help you better understand what I am offering you here, I have created a complete list of CONTENT already offered inside the Elite Membership, and what is to come in months ahead. I have added a few links to elucidate the topics I explore. I also offer an easy link to acquire my Book.




Each Description is a live Video, Oceana guiding you. SENSUAL By NATURE TANTRA WELCOME

January Content 2021. Elite Membership Opening Month

  1. A Gentle Talk: Welcome to Sensual by Nature: Tantra is a form of yoga. Tantra is a reverence for the sensual energies in your body, being. Breath. Join Oceana here for a warm welcome and introduction to all that we will experience here, at SBN Studio. 30 minutes.
  2. A Gentle Talk from Our Book: Sensuality, Spirituality, Sexuality: How do you relate to your senso-sexual essence? Join Oceana in a discussion on Your Sensuality. Pages 68 and free form talk, breath. 35 minutes.
  3. A Tantric Practice: Sensational Breath Pt 1: Join Oceana in her sanctuary for her kind of ‘fireside chat’ style, about the importance of breath practice in your Tantric cultivation. No matter how advanced you are, or the experiences you have had to date, the sustenance of all Tantric Practice is breath, and your practice will always change showing you new aspects of self as you go through energetic shifts in your being. You are an ever-changing vessel, and your breath is your nourishment. 15 minutes.
  4. A Tantric Practice: Sensational Breath Part 2: In Part 2 of our Practice, Oceana will lay back with you and breathe, while guiding your depths as ever, as you explore your breath experience today. 20 minutes.
  5. A Guided Meditation: Pelvic Heart Breath and Cleansing Chakra Blocks: Lay back and listen to Oceana’s voice, guiding you to develop your breath connection to Pelvic floor, and moving energy through your chakras. Learning to find energy blocks, melt and clear them. This is a foundational practice in the beginning learning of full body energy circulation. 16 minutes.
  6. A Story of Eros- AULETRIS EROTICA: Often in the world of digital images, media, entertainment our imaginations become lazy. . . Listening to story and allowing your own unique imagination to form the images you see when listening, is a beautiful way to enliven your senses, and activate your imagination, fantasies. A waking dream. 18 minutes. 


February Content:

  1. A Gentle Talk: Honoring Your Senses: Join Oceana in her calm and quiet serenade of your Senses. The importance of cultivating a practice of opening your Senses. Your pathway to opening to the experience of Oneness with Divine Source. Some passages from page 25 in Tantric Spirituality & Practices, by Oceana. *Follows well with Meditation: Opening Your Senses.
  2. A Tantric Practice: Self Reflection: If you have visited Sensual by Nature Studio you will be familiar with this simple practice. Join Oceana as she guides you gently into sitting and gazing with yourself in the mirror. The beautiful art of creating a deeper understanding of your mind and body relationship. Learning to become more aware of how your mind speaks to you, your body, and then accepting whatever you do hear, allows for deeper awareness of Self, and allows for shifts in this interrelationship to occur. Love your body, it is your vehicle to the Divine. To be able to love, we first must accept and listen to what is. 11min.
  3. A Guided Meditation: Opening Your Senses: Oceana lays back with you in a meditative space as she guides you languidly through a simple meditation on opening your senses to deeper receptivity of all that you are taking in from the outside world, and all that is happening sensorially inside of your body. The intermingling of breath, outer, inner, and depth of resonance with this internal vibration is the pathway to pure presence, and thus Oneness with Source. *This meditation goes well with Gentle Talk, Honoring Your Senses. Love. 16min.
  4. A Story of Eros: “Orgies:” Erotic Fantasy is fun, while the practice of giving your mind space to wander into erotic fantasy is incredibly healthy for your entire being. The unconscious mind is able to open and enter the conscious mind more deeply, allowing for elucidation around your deeper desires, and inclinations. Your fantasies may change, one day one thing will ignite, another day that same thing may feel undesirable. The practice of meandering into Erotic Fantasy is to let yourself be free of judgement, to see what surfaces. Often, we are able to express emotions and psychological dynamics through the freedom of fantasy. 13min.


March Content:

  1. A Gentle Talk: Acceptance of Your Sexuality: Oceana is in languid style today, in a thoughtful discussion on what it means to accept your sexual energy, feelings, fantasies throughout the day and night. She will explain why it is so healthy to do so, and how to create space in the body for the energy to flow freely. Some passages from page 42 in Tantric Spirituality & Practices, by Oceana. 20mins.
  2. A Tantric Practice: Exploring a Rose: If you have visited Sensual by Nature Studio you may be familiar with this simple practice. You will need to go out into the world and find yourself a single stem rose of your choice. Oceana will lay by your side and explore the many facets of this rose, with all five, six senses alive and receiving. She will discuss how this practice can easily parley into exploring a lover’s body, and how it can open you to enjoying a richly sensual life. 16min.
  3. A Guided Meditation: Sexual Energy and Heart: Oceana lays back with you in a meditative space, dropping into your sensorial breath, and guiding breath through root, second, third, fourth. The flow of sexual energy into your heart energy is a primary grounding in Tantric living. We check in with our hearts and centers often throughout the day to melt blocks and open energetically a listening, compassion inward, and thus a flow of this serene, self love outward. 13mins.
  4. A Story of Eros: “The Cat’s Eye”: Lay back and allow your unconscious mind to open, as you listen. . . and enter the practice of meandering into Erotic Fantasy. Simply go with it and see what illuminates inside of you. From Lord Auch’s book titled, Story of the Eye. If you feel like writing afterward, of course enjoy. 12min.


April Content:

  1. A Gentle Talk: Absolute Love, Pure Source: Oceana tells you a story about ‘you,’ asking you to feel yourself in the experience as the main character. She is exploring what it feels like to receive a feeling of unconditional acceptance from another person. Then explaining how we can start to feel this feeling from a resonance with Pure Source Vibration. Some passages from page 63 in Tantric Spirituality & Practices, by Oceana. 23mins. *Follows well with “Practice: A Ripple.”
  2. A Tantric Practice: A Ripple: Practicing Sensory visualizations helps to synchronize your heart, passions, soul, with the aspects of yourself that you must bring to the socially constructed world. In this Practice, Oceana will help you understand and feel how to create this harmonious experience in your body, so that it enhances your personal flow of interconnected love in your everyday life. Love. 12min.
  3. A Guided Meditation: Body Scan: For our meditation this month we are simply going to explore a series of questions. . . that will guide you inward to feeling your internal being with your “inner eye” and finding yourself able to feel emotion and melt blocks of unexpressed feeling. Love. Healing. 16min.
  4. A Story of Eros: “Malady of Death”: This title may not strike you as entirely erotic. Perhaps. The poetic verse and sensual expression that the writer Marguerite Duras carries you along into, is provocative and alluring. Simply remain curious. . . enter the practice of meandering into Erotic Fantasy, and see what illuminates inside of you. From M. Duras’ book. 15min.


May Content:

  1. A Gentle Talk: Healing Love, Touch: In Tantra, we consciously practice openness. Learning to generate, give and receive love. We are part of an evolutionary movement on this planet, affecting all living beings as we manifest the sensitivity of open love. Understanding our own blocks, and how to honor our need for soothing through touch, pleasure and love is a means to melting blocks, is an attuning process that Tantric seekers are in flow with as a daily practice. Oceana discusses this in detail, reading passages from page 46 in Tantric Spirituality & Practices, by Oceana. 22mins. *Follows well with “Practice: Cultivating Pleasure.”
  2. A Tantric Practice: Cultivating Pleasure: Using your imagination to cultivate internal soothing through raising pleasure sensation is a magnificent technique for calming anxiety and allowing you to become a being of ‘pure presence’ in the world. Join Oceana in an exploration of various Sensory visualization exercises.  12min.
  3. A Guided Meditation: Opening Your Crown: Listen, gaze at the images, float, focus. . . as we continue to cultivate our internal intermingling of breath, with the outer, inner resonances our senses take in. Spiritual aliveness and Universal Source. It is inside of us that our Sacred internal vibration grows, blooms. Internal vibration is our pathway. . . to transcendence and intuitive expansion. This is a subtle flow for beginning to and continuing to open your Seventh Chakra: Crown. 15mins.
  4.  A Story of Eros: “The Blind Date:” This is a different kind of language than the stories of the past few months. Simply listen. . . and enter the practice of meandering into Erotic Fantasy. From The Film Finale by Robin Fate. 15min.


I hope you try joining SENSUAL BY NATURE ELITE MEMBERSHIP. I created this forum to EMPOWER YOU.




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