Cultivating Pure Presence: Source Vibration Within Your Visceral Being  by Dakini Oceana

Hello, loves. . . How are you feeling today?

Let’s discuss an understanding of Tantric gifts for deeper healing and greater joy . . .

During this time of lockdown and simplified living, we have all been called to develop a deeper relationship with ourselves and the people we are close to in our lives.

Often, anxiety or the movement away from joyful perspective and sensation is caused by a separation from self. A negation of intimacy with our own inner lives, inner sensuality and deeper needs, longings. We fall into tasking or feeling we need the other to follow our path, meet our needs, make us feel whole again.

What if we focus inward on developing deeper intimacy within? There we are an endless wellspring of love, and able to create and cultivate loving relationships with others.

It begins with our relationship to ourselves.

Let’s discuss Presence.

 Pure Presence is a liberation from your own identifications. You are your own friend, you are your own foe. You bondage yourself you free yourself. The bondage of identification through the exterior is clear.

 The limitless potential of pure presence is clear.

 The pure potential, limitless self doesn’t need any rituals or idols. If you live in fear of your existence, seeking validation, you will constantly need to affirm to yourself and prove to yourself over and over through the eyes of the other. This is due to fear of experiencing the essenatil vulnerable presence within your own cells, your own vibrational state of being, your own pure and advanced intelligence, your own pure presence of being. Nothing can take this away from you but you, your own mind. Your own limitations.

People may look at you and want to know your credentials, your identity in their eyes, and your value in their eyes, but they are just projecting their own fears of pure presence and potentiality onto you, by needing to box you in. You can decide if you want to live in this box or if you want to step into confidence of self and spirit. A confidence not derived through proving existence and worth, but by communing with pure presence and aliveness within your cells and being. No one can take that away from you. There, what you achieve or manifest spawns from authentic passion, and founded from your connection to source within, your pure and limitless presence and potential. The external manifestations are beautiful and appreciated, but never more important than the internal riches in pure presence. It is truly wonderful and rich to liberate yourself from all of this bondage.

Think about this. . . Breathe into this. . .

Like gold gets purified through burning you can learn to ignite the fire within your being, your mind, and literally burn through the thoughts, identifications, and beliefs that bind you. You can learn to burn off the bondage of mind and clean yourself, move back into pure presence. This is a practice of liberation and freedom of mental and physical bondage.

Self purification, humility, letting go of ego structure, identification, letting go or dissolving of defenses, blocks in your mind and body that stop your pure presence and potentiality from pouring through you. Your natural pure body presence is a renewable resource and become stronger the more your practice dissolving and burning off the toxins, blocks, and thus. . . opening yourself to pure presence.

Spiritual Awakening: The Journey Inward

A true journey to communion with pure presence often happens to you, out of desperation, out of a need to survive. Some think of a spiritual awakening as sitting in yoga class in meditation or booking a flight to a holy city to stay in a nice hotel and visit the sites, even pray, relax, vacation. The true journey within is not about leaving your circumstances or setting the perfect circumstances, it is about going deep within your natural body energy, dissolving the bondage of the mind and identity and seeking to resonate with Source energy within You.

You can do this at any time any where day night, now. You will face or feel or resonate with uncomfortable feeling and as you sit through and with those aspects of self they will dissolve, burn, and become new or different feelings, deep within.

This is a true seeker, a dedication to seeking a journey to oneness, and pure presence. It is not a lovely trip to a statue or temple pray, and put up photos. This is fine and lovely, but the true journey within to commune with pure presence, is truly within You. It’s of course wonderful to take journey see new things explore old sites, but the journey is within to Source.

 Pure Presence: Source Vibration

Pure Presence is your relationship to Source vibration within your visceral being. This is not your identity, your outside, your ego’s need for validation. Pure Presence, Source Vibration is inside, in the communion with pure source, pure energy, pure presence. This is something you cultivate within, and return to often throughout each day. An internal space to commune with when you feel blocked and filled with dents, This resonance with your natural realm, your Pure Presence, is with you everywhere you go. . . And that is where your journey is.

Allow yourself to make the space within to listen to pure presence, to become pure presence, to let go of your fears of extinguishment and give to the pure presence of your visceral being, your aliveness.


At Sensual By Nature Studio we learn to resonate at very deep levels with Source Vibration  within our visceral cells. This is the foundation of all Tantric Practice. Wishing you all love, health, internal joys and vision.  ❤️ Dakini Oceana

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