The Zone. . . Our inner Guidance or Source

Tantra bodywork and meditative practices are designed to help you to get into “the zone. . .”

Tantra is a form of yoga that offers a philosophy and practices showing how to generate, enhance and consciously direct life force energy that can awaken, arouse, enlighten, and heal the self and others. Primarily, Tantra is a path of the heart and a path of pleasure. Tantra literally means weaving together the polarities of the male and female forces. Through tantric synergistic union, we create harmony and balance to all aspects of the human psyche, mind and body. It is about loving the self enough to create a life of deep enjoyment by consciously intending and choosing actions and activities that bring the greatest pleasure and nurturance to the soul. It is also a path of joyous service from whence the giving comes from a cup that is therefore always consciously kept full and overflowing!

In Tantra, the experiences gained from the techniques is the real teacher that profers the wisdom, as you are ready for it, of the most personal value. Tantra teaches you primarily through how your own being responds to the practices, just like discovering your own relationship to any endeavor whether it is a sport, or any other artful form of self-expression. Tantra includes all that you do. . . is all that you do and are. . . yoga, martial arts, flower arranging, food preparation, communications at work, organizing your day, and more. . . All of these “arts” are behooved by your rich ability hat Tantra is designed to help you learn to do. . .

Tantra bodywork and meditative practices are designed to help you to get into “the zone,” which is that feeling where inspiration just flows through us, if we are smart enough to get out of the way. We all know that when we allow that flow, everything else seems to flow more easily, efficiently and pleasurably as well. The basic idea in many Tantric practices is to get out of the mind and into the body — into the magick and power of the present moment where we can more easily access our connection to our Inner Guidance or Source the source of that purer inspiration.

Tantra is a kind of visceral and experiential body-oriented psychotherapy. Through Tantric sexual practices, we discover that by tuning within, we become more conscious of our inner truth, we learn how to feel more (essential for great expansion of libidinal, vital, positive energy), to more fully activate the sensitivity of or bodies to intensify those feelings, and through that sensitivity we are more easily able to commune with our partners in every aspect of relationship.

In our sessions, a Tantrik provider, will create an environment and the opportunity for you to have various Tantric experiences that will initiate you into a deeper understanding of your inner being, your unlimited capacity for pleasure, and expand, develop, channel and upgrade your level your consciousness. We seek to enhance the visceral, psychotherapeutic process by incorporating a range of massage, bodywork, and movement techniques. Acknowledging the mind-body link, a Tantrik provider may use light touch, soft- or deep-tissue manipulation, breathing techniques, movement, exercise, or body-awareness techniques to help address stress related and emotional issues.

         This focused, healing touch is centered intentionally around clearing blockages and rebalancing the human energy field by using spiritual and energetic hands-on healing practices and techniques. The application of these healing art forms facilitates and increases our ambient energetic vibrations and awareness, strengthening the immune system and opening the client to her indwelling god or higher self. As the higher self awareness becomes activated, an evolutionary healing journey begins, moving the client through clarity of understanding, health, spiritual autonomy, and ultimately, culminating in the fulfillment of her purpose of being: to heal oneself and other human beings and to find her place within the world.

      Through sacred art of mindful touch and sensory opening, Tantra teaches fine and sophisticated arts of giving and receiving optimum pleasure for the self and partner — thereby achieving transcendence, or union with higher sates of consciousness, through sexual pleasure and extended orgasm. In orgasm we are truly in the moment – in the place of no mind through which we are the most receptive to our natural bliss – aligned with the high frequency of divine energy and enlightenment.

      Tantra teaches that through an in-depth awareness of all aspects of the self, and also through appreciating, honoring, adoring and worshiping your partner, one can find and allow the power of that pure love light to shine forth from within to brighten and bring more joy to the world. . .

      Cultivate your ability to open your heart. . . live, create, communicate and and be in the zone. . .







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