Hello, I was just sitting in my studio this evening thinking about how best enliven you with the gift of Valentines energy. Love energy. Heart opening. There are so many ways two can appreciate the joys of love, intimacy, orgasm. There are many ways one can. . .

As you may never have thought of it, you may have already experienced forms of non genital orgasm in lovemaking. Let me tell you a story. . .

A man and a woman got together one afternoon to finally be alone in one anothers’ presence. Something each had been desiring, longing for, for many weeks, months. Both agreed that though they felt very highly drawn to on another chemically, emotionally, mentally, they were not going to consummate these feelings physically. Your imagination may illustrate many reasons why this may have been their choice. I think it most enlivening if you place yourself into the fantasy or a circumstance that comes to your mind that might draw to people to make this choice. There are millions of reasons two people may make this choice, not to consummate mutual feeling of attraction, yet simply be in one anothers’ presence alone.

The two adults lay together on the bed in the space where they met. Both were utterly excited and again agreed not to have  sexual intercourse. The two lay in each other’s arms, relaxed, and enjoyed the warmth, the intimacy of each other’s presence. After some time it seemed that their hearts, breathing, pulse,  movements, and rhythms became effortlessly synchronized. The boundaries of their bodies seemed to melt away, and the couple felt merged into one timeless being. The man and woman looked into each other’s eyes, felt the stirring of passion, and their bodies began to shake and quiver all over. Each one and together they felt this delicious electric energy moving within them, filling them each to overflowing. The two lay the whole night this way, caressing one another, kissing, smiling, then falling back into a silent state of luminous oneness.

The two did not have intercourse, yet each felt that the experience was one of the deepest experiences of ecstatic lovemaking they had ever had.

You see. . . When your energy is very high, you relax the body, and the enegy charge is allowed to diffuse and spread from the core to the limits of the body and even beyond it in wavelike movement. This gives one the feeling of becoming One with everything. . . the sound of a lovers breath, the scent, the fragrance of your lover. . . the whole environment.

This is how you begin to experience orgasmic sensation that is not confined to the genitals. This involves a shift in values and perspective. The hunger for sharp, intense pleasure of genital orgasm is replaced by the discovery of the joys of a diffused orgasm. the physical tensions and stress of dynamic genital orgasm is replaced by a deep feeling of relaxation that allows orgasmic sensations to ripple through the whole body. This is one of the basic secrets to Tantric Lovemaking: the art of staying relaxed in high states of arousal so that the nongenital forms of orgasm can be experienced.

Namaste lovers all over the globe. . . Happy Valentines. . . a day to revere, to enhance. . .to respect. . .to explore Love. . even more deeply than you might choose to every single day of the year. . .love, Dakini




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