sanctuarysenso3Today. . .I am going to share something personal. . .This weekend I felt tired, pent up and overstimulated for the first part of Sunday. . . as we ll know these thing and feelings happen to all of us. . .the question is what do we do about it? I am a dakini. . .and so I must remain and open channel of love so that i can provide connection to life force to others through connecting to me and cultivating their own abilities to do so. . empowering you is what helps me expand even more deeply I can continue to empower others. . .so. . I  have found these practices helpful. . . After sitting with myself and performing some of these  exercises. . .The rest of my Sunday afternoon into late night was absolutely awakening. . .transformative. . . communicative. . . joyful. . .splendid and opening . . .alive. . .come be alive with me. .

Through appreciating, honoring, adoring, worshiping your internal body energy. . . we can open our heart chakras. . .allow the power of that pure love light to shine forth from within. . .we can give so much more freely with joy. . . . xo

Tap Into Your Life Force Energy 

While meditation techniques and even the end goal of meditation can vary widely, they all are essentially aimed at directing and controlling our own thoughts so we can learn about ourselves, increase concentration, and relax. With Kundalini meditation, the focus is simply on the sexual and loving energy also known as “pure desire.”

Breathing exercises in Kundalini yoga introduce an entirely new dimension worth exploring. By focusing simply on this, and practicing to circulate pleasure sensation in your body, . . you can increase your own pleasure and passion throughout all you do.

Naturally, there is also a deeper philosophy, with this pleasure sensation supposedly being the genuine spirit of mankind. This is thought of as the natural self, and releasing it leads to self-realization and even nirvana.

Traditionally, \the body should be prepared by physical exercise, then breathing exercises (pranayama), visualization positive experience, stretching, and sensory based  meditation.

What you are doing is opening your “Kundalini” (which actually means “coiled” in Sanskrit);

The visualization (or fantasy) techniques in Kundalini meditation and somatic meditation are often begun by visualizing as a coil, often a snake, at the base of the spine. Sometimes it can be imagined as a Goddess or a pink bubble. By getting yourself into a meditative state through comfortable seating and breathing exercises to clear the mind, you can then begin to focus completely on that visualization and the feelings of love you imagine radiating out of it.

If you become meditative while making love, the quality of lie force within changes, and something new enters into it – it becomes tantric, it becomes playful. . .it become energized and joyful . . 

The most important aspect of this awakening exercise is to focus on  feeling the impulses of love and desire and sexual energy in your own being. . . . And I can say this so many times and so many more because I feel it that strongly  . . **These pulses are occurring at every moment of every day and can be so useful to you if you accept, harness and channel them rather than it push them away or shame yourself or others,  . .  Imagine this natural life force energy  radiating out of the base of your spine and filling your body – washing you in love.. . 

Some people will move on to think of a person that they really love and/or desire in their life – and to really focus on the feelings that person creates, and intensify them. This positive visualization and fantasy can strengthen your relationships in the long run, and bring about intense feelings of desire and love in the short-term that will be highly pleasurable and enjoyable.

It is our thoughts that control how we feel, and dictate and define our experience, so by bringing about such strong thoughts and feelings of love and passion, we can experience this kind of bliss in powerful expansive transcendental states. . . . . .

Namaste, Love. . .Dakini


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