Hello, Vibrational Beings,

I often talk about vibration when in session with a seeker. Vibration is the core element to the energetics of our planet, galaxy and organic structure. So of course it is helpful to begin to think about Tantra practice in relation to metaphysics. All sensation, experience, emotion, transmission, transformation and mental thought holds the form of vibrational pulse. This pulse is in and around us at all times, and the current that we resonate with internally and externally when engaging in Tantric meditations both of the individual body and in Union. So, let’s learn a bit more about what I am talking about ❤️

The third of the Seven Universal Laws tells us “Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.” The third and last of the immutable Universal Laws tells us that, “the whole universe is but a vibration.” Science has confirmed that everything in the Universe, including you, is pure energy vibrating at different frequencies.

Everything that we experience with our five physical senses is conveyed through vibration. The same applies to the mental realm. Your thoughts are vibrations. All your emotions are vibrations where “unconditional love” (in the sense of love for another) is the highest and most subtle of the emotional vibrations.

In Tantra practice, by incorporating the philosophies and the physical practices, You begin to cleanse toxic emotional blocks in the subtle vibrations of your body. Here you begin vibrate at higher frequencies. This happens as you find a truth within your heart. This heart centered awareness guides your internal motivation toward gratitude, compassion, empathy, understanding, acceptance and self assertion. As you rest in these aspects of being and perspective, you will radiate and multiply these feelings in and around you. A beautiful service to all of the Life Force you are naturally interconnected with through vibration.

Remember, becoming more deeply internally aware of your inner heart truths and callings you will be called to be able to verbalize what you want and need within, In loving communication. By allowing your heart truth to come forward, you will begin to transmute your vibrations to higher frequencies of love and alignment with your greatest capacity for service.

These are some of the Tantric philosophies and practices you will learn to live when you work with me as your Tantra dakini and guide.

love to you all, so much love ❤️

Dakini Oceana

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