How You Treat Your Body and Heart

Firstly, let’s understand that how you treat your body is a most important
aspect to a healthy heart and mind. Your heart health is directly related to the
health of your cardiovascular blood circulation system, lung health, and your
Thymus gland functioning. Your natural energetic circulation and flow are majorly effected by the amount of water you drink, and the healthy, clean and light food you consume. Exercise allows your body to generate positive chemistry like endorphins, serotonins and oxytocin, which calm and enliven your nervous sytem. Sleep helps your nervous system rejuvenate, and your heart to beat more calmly, thus creating an ability to breath more openly and clean toxins from your body more efficiently.

Thymus Health

Your Thymus gland is a lymphatic organ that is located just beneath your breastbone, aligned with your heart. It is responsible for the creation of T-
cells during maturation, making it crucial in the development of your immune
system. Your Thymus gland begins to decrease in size after you go through
puberty, declining to about 15% of its original form by the time you reach 50,
especially if you have a lot of toxins and stress related chemicals pulsing through your body. Because of its direct relationship to immunity, your Thymus is a chief executive in how quickly you age. A healthy and calm heart creates a person with more vital energy, youthfulness, and if you do become ill, you will be able to heal more quickly than if your heart is tight and closed.

Emotions and Heart

It is just as important important to maintain a healthy emotional state for maintaining heart health. Positive emotion-focused practices also help to reduce stress and anxiety, which is a safe and effective way to lower blood pressure and increase functional capacity in your heart. You may be interested to know that several types of positive emotion practices are currently being used in a number of hospitals and cardiac rehabilitation programs around the country.

An appreciative heart is good medicine. . .

While reading this, I simply ask you to reflect on how your own life experiences may support these ideas. . .

When your heart is open you will freely give and receive both romantic and unconditional love. If sharing commitments and deep emotional intimacy with other people in your life is
something that you feel you want to be able to experience, and your heart is open, you will be able to do this, because having an open heart enables you to forgive hurts and extend much more compassion to yourself and others.You will find yourself trying to understand where others are coming from rather than judging or running away. This will allow you to give and receive intimacy with more depth of understanding in both yourself and the other, which will make you more trustworthy and reliable, and you have a deeper capacity for interconnectedness. You will be more richly aware of the present moment, by being able to drop into your body-senses, you will be in touch with your feelings both positive and negative, and your relationships will be of higher priority for you. You will find happiness despite whatever the circumstances are in your life, because you will have a grounded sense of belonging on this earth and accepting the natural flow of your life’s events. You will be able to laugh frequently and share your joy with others and with yourself. You will experience
relationships and nice moments of heightened and deepened sensual ecstasy with your inner self and partner because you will be that open; you will look at your life with more focus on gratitude for what you have and the beauty that is within and surrounds you.

When you are living with a closed heart, you will also have great difficulty
communicating in relationships. You will shut down your feelings, you may become dull and predictable. You may feel alone a lot, may move from one encounter or relationship to another looking for fulfillment to some empty feeling. When closed, you may find yourself using thinking, reason, and intellect for your refuge; may become a workaholic, working
constantly to get away from experiencing your inner life and other people. You may find yourself looking at your life as “half empty” rather than “half full.” When your heart is closed, you may find that you don’t have inspiration to take care of your health; you may grieve for many, many months or years over something, and if you get sick you may heal very slowly.

It is healthy to learn to shift lovingly, and gently as a form of self-care, out
of stressful emotional reactions and into these heartfelt emotions. This can have
profound positive effects on your cardiovascular system and on your overall
mental, physical health, and quality of life. This doesn’t mean we ignore listening to our feelings, but we don’t let them rule us and drive us into a life centered around resentment and negativity. We can learn to cultivate new perspective and emotional response through positive emotion practices.

Heart Opening Practices

Focused practices that help to enhance positive emotion can help you shift stressful emotional patterns and perceptions you may have developed as
your familiar way of being, with new patterns based in positive outlook and emotions.

Appreciation is one of the most concrete and easiest positive emotions for you to self-generate and sustain for longer periods. It is centered in your
perceptions, or how you choose to view circumstances, and what you choose to
focus on. One of the long-term benefits to be gained from the practice of positive emotion and perspective is increased emotional awareness. This increased awareness can help you maintain a more consistent emotional balance, as you are no longer a slave to your learned reactions and familiar ways of relating to yourself and the world. You will also improve your cardiovascular health, lung
health, and Thymus gland functioning, and radiate more joy— and in turn,
of course the longer, fuller, more vibrant life you will seek to live!

In Mindfulness Tantra Healing Practice, you learn to shift your emotional state by listening more closely to your heart and cultivating positive emotion. There are many heart opening meditations and body-sensing breath practices. For today, let’s find pockets of stillness, where we slow down, feel our hand on our heart, experience the profound beauty in its simple beating and generation of warmth, and focus on all that we are appreciative of in this exhilarating and mysterious journey called Living!

“Live wholly, Love freely, Laugh often”
I honor each and every one of you, and love sharing this existence with You.
Warmth, Blessing and Lightness to your Heart. xo Oceana 🌷

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