I’m so pleased to write to you about the recent September workshop we had at Sensual By Nature Studio here in NY. It was a lovely six hours of sensory meditation, heart opening and chakra balancing breath, talk, lunch, touch guidance and practice. The group plans to continue meeting every six weeks.

“Hey 🙂 It was so great on Sunday! Wonderful idea for a workshop like this. I hope you enjoyed leading the event.” from an attendee of our September Workshop

We are hoping to have a few more people join us! If you are already a student with Oceana at Sensual  By Nature studio and want to engage in this progressive and transcendent ongoing workshop setting, you are welcome to contact me and we can discuss. If you haven’t yet studied with me, you may contact me and we can discuss how you can get started in training and workshops. There will also be a couples workshop starting soon. Wishing you a beautiful Breath, warm open Heart, and enchanting Spiritual awareness of Self and Peaceful Sensuality.

Of course I reserve privacy for all who attend my personal workshops and studio but I do have audio recording of  the teachings conducted during this recent September workshop at SBN Studio and will be posting it in the next few weeks.

Please feel welcome to listen and watch now, as I have posted a small treat for you now.

peace and sensuality. . .

Dakini Oceana

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