hello, I do hope you are experiencing a breath, a moment filled with an awareness of the constantly moving energetic circulation throughout your cells and body. Perhaps you crave a more linear definition or even phrasing.  I invite you to settle in to this brief piece of writing. . .allow the phrasing and verbal choices, images, ideas to flow over and through you. Here we are, talking about that which we do not know. Here was are talking about our ego desire to know, to label, to organize. This desire, and this pursuit if often what leads us to feeling lost, alone, afraid, and making choices to assuage these feelings. What would happen if we allowed ourselves to become consumed by experiencing the unknown. This in itself is a dichotomous pursuit. How can we experience something that we don’t know? Experiencing the “unknown” begins with revering the reality of this as part of out human condition. Your mind has thoughts, desires, fantasies that your mind has no idea it is having, but your body is experiencing stimuli based on these thoughts, desires, fantasies. Perhaps it is actually the other way around. Perhaps your body is creating stimuli that your mind is trying to process but isn’t able to fully, consciously understand, and so remains hidden, in the secret portholes, like black holes in the universal ceiling, of your own mind.

In addition to this unknown. at the fundamental core we all of us human, have no idea how we got here, to this life, why we are here, and when we will leave here. We also don’t know, where we go, what happens, when we leave this material plane that we take quite seriously as “life.” Many people become quite consumed by trying to hang on to people, attachments, memories, and legacy in order to feel that they are a meaningful part of something that quite actually may not have much meaning at all. The ego struggles with this idea. The spirit understands that we are constantly transforming, and that many planes of existence affect us, and are part of our daily experience.

I recently heard someone say, “Fear comes from the ego. Fear of losing what we have or not getting what we think we deserve. Pure white love comes from the heart. It is universal and beyond our material fears. We cannot have both fear and pure white one at one time.”

I am here to remind you, as your loving Tantric Dakini, that We can choose to move out of a fear based perspective and into a trust in source, or universal love. We can choose to move from our cerebral minds and into our hearts. This is what Tantric practice is truly about. This is what i fundamentally tteach at SBN Studio, through a variety of talks, exercises, practices and experiences.

Here is a letter I received from one man I have taught for many years:

“I reflect upon what motivated be to first explore tantra (improving physical performance) to where you have brought me now.  It is a path full of self- awareness, light, and love. Your guidance is giving me the awareness of my natural spirit and the focus to manifest that spirit into my life. So much greater in magnitude than what I originally sought. Your guidance and energy has led me to connecting with my spirit, and to heal. I came across the following definition of ‘Dakini’: “This was an honorary title given to women who had the rare ability to help people instantly connect to spirit through their embodiment of divine feminine energy. In the presence of a dakini, people would become spontaneously “awakened” and set free of the masks and pretenses that disempowered them. This initiation would enable them to connect with states of divine union and bliss that they had always longed.” I am blessed and honored to be in your Dakini presence. . .” 

I suppose what I want to ask you here, I simply place the words and thought here for you to do, however, whenever you are ready  to think about now:

“All of us have parts of ourselves we are too scared to be, or want to disown, or hide.”

What are these parts of you?

~  Do you have to know the answers to every circumstance? Can there be several truths, or facts, or realities? Can there be several responses, unanswered; never concrete; always juxtaposed?

~ Can you look within, introspectively? OR does this cause you fear, to look at yourself, take responsibility for your own thoughts, perspectives, desires? More than just take responsibility, can you nurture the truth of yourself, even if you are ashamed of some of your own aspects of self? Can you accept and simply observe, explore all of you?

~ Can you look around you, with curiosity?  Can you be spontaneously open? Would you like to learn to open to experiencing the moment to moment experience of life, and gain clarity beyond the fears of existence and gain that your ego may put in place ?

~ Would you like to experience all that you are, and learn to experience all that others are? Rather than fear and defend against experience?

I invite you. . . to expand your consciousness. . . to learn. . .Lets feel all that We are, now. Do you believe that We are all parts of life at one time?  Can we look within, look in another. See. . .

“I am in the ocean; you are in me. . .Experiencing you, me, you. . . ”

Would you like to live a life examined? Would you be willing to let go of having the examination result in concrete answers? Would you be willing to accept that perhaps there are no real answers?

Are you willing to let go of trying to be what others say and think you should be?

Does one ever know what one should? Does You  really know, other than the truth of Your own heart, in that time space continuum. . .

Are you willing to listen within  ?

Can YOU be simply. . . a life deeply, wholly, and truly llived. . . IS that enough for you?

Can we simply. . . be.


Dakini Oceana

A Tantric Dakini dedicated by raising your awarenesses through Mindful Buddhist Practices and Traditional Tantric Technique.


email. Sensualbynaturestudio@gmail.com

Dakini Oceana – Tantric Healing

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