Hi ! I think this will be enlightening to those with questions and curiosities about Tantra Massage, Breath, and Meditation Practice. . . Join me . . 

As you may have read in my site. . . I always offer email exchange between sessions as so often during session we are consumed by sensoric experience in the present and it takes some time (non linear time. . .) and space for ideas, feelings, thoughts and curiosities to arise. . . I welcome any and all questions and thoughts you wish share with me. . .

Today I am finding myself reflecting on an email exchange with a seeker who has visited me and my sensual by nature studio this past year. . .I would like to share this with you (and of course reserve the anonymity of the seeker with whom I have shared these words and ideas. . .)  

Seeker: I have found myself thinking really carefully about what my priorities are and how Tantra might be an appropriate vehicle for change.

Dakini: I understand that you are a true seeker who has travelled many paths inward in different ways. I like your phrasing, “what my priorities are” and wonder if you can tell me what you mean by that in more detail, if you feel inclined to ask yourself and share with me. In short, Tantra bodywork and counseling combined are most effective for creating conscious change, and it is helpful if you understand what and how you seek to change. Not knowing is quite wonderful also, as it puts you in the present and fully vulnerable, but sounds like you seek greater self knowledge as a path toward becoming vulnerable first. 

Seeker: I’m consumed with finding something/someone to fill a void left by a relationship that had what I believed to be deep tantric roots. This obsession is interfering with my creative life, and ironically simultaneously inspiring it. I am slowly whittling away at the backlog of work to be done but the electricity of seeking a new muse and or adventures leaves me feeling out of control at times and often sleep deprived. 🙂 Bottom line; touching and being touched is really integral to my survival and the connection it creates resonates deep within me. So I seek those experiences or the anticipation of them as often as possible. I hope this makes sense.

Dakini: Yes, I understand and I remember you talking with me about that relationship. The benefits of Tantra are that the practices you learn  and the touch (and mutual touch) you experience will bring you back into your body. Experiencing the visceral aliveness in your cellular structure creates enhanced chemistry in your brain, heart and body that creates a feeling of connection to a greater force of nature or source. This expansion of intra-sensoric experiences and thus energy or chi fills the internal void you speak of and inspires new creative thought, action, desire, perspective and intention which pours into all you do and are in present life. It allows for new growth and healing of old grieving. This if course happens in session with me or ( hopefully) whomever you are connecting with. The practice of breath, opening senses, listening to inner dialogue and accepting your emotional self are Tantric principles that as you learn to bring them into your daily life, are ways to connect to source, fill void, develop deeper relationship with self and nature, heal grieving, and develop new growth in your life. When you speak of a seeking for touch, are you getting that touch or are you just thinking about it often ? If you are receiving it , is there something about the experience that in turn feels dissatisfying or what is your reason for contemplation about this? If you aren’t receiving it, what is stopping you from?

Seeker: Let me say what brings to mind. I have often wondered if one can be an atheist/agnostic and yet seek spiritual experiences. What is spirituality really and what union with the spirit are we truly seeking in tantra? Is it just a self-fulfilling experience or something that contributes to the greater good. Thanks for taking the time to chat.

Dakini: You pose a great question: “Can one can be an atheist/agnostic and yet seek spiritual experiences. What is spirituality really and what union with the spirit are we truly seeking in tantra? Is it just a self-fulfilling experience or something that contributes to the greater good.” 

I think spirituality means that one believes that there is a power greater than just their own consciousness. I don’t know how that is aligned with atheism and imagine a person can claim they don’t believe in a God (as is defined by much religion) but still believe in a mysterious power greater than us humans, which has given and continues to gift us life. Even someone who believes only in science, may still believe in some kind of spiritual power that has given the whole universe the spark of life. It seems to me that at the root of atheism one’s belief in spiritually is dependent on individual perspective.

I believe Tantra is a way of life  that someone seeks who wishes expand the mind to experiencing the opening of visceral cellular energy, which is meant to hold intuitive knowledge that is beyond the power of one person’s mind. By learning to open to this wisdom and greater consciousness, one is moved to work through emotional blocks that defend against this union with w great force of consciousness (some may call God) that leads one to heart led action rather than fear based reactions. The seeking of connection to greater consciousness through the mind body connection is considered a quest to meld with spirit. This occurs by cultivating sexual or libidinal energy (or chi) so as to open the mind body from defensive ruts and create a union with greater intuitive knowledge and guidance, and compassionate love. This union moves the person to become more loving, more receptive and want to be of greater service to others because it is in greater service of the cultivation and expansion of this greater force of nature. Does this make sense? 


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