Hello, loves. I am thinking of you now.

May I engage your mind here, as though we are together. . . and ask you. . . 

What does Pure Presence mean?

I Am. Consciousness? I exist? I know who I am? I am here? Is it a reminder to the spirit that the self is here or a reminder to self that there is more to being than self and consciousness, there is spirit?

Many people struggle In life our culture with the concept of identity. Who am I? What is my purpose? People usually equate purpose with job title, social standing or influence or a solid body of work to present as legacy when they pass on to another life or form of being.
Being. This is just my thought. Perhaps being is simply what we are. We are spiritual or energetic beings in an organic cellular material body , we are aware that we exist because we are recognized by others. We see ourselves
but we don’t always know exactly what we see or how we appear. We are pure presence.

What is pure presence?
To me and what I will teach you in our sessions, pure presence is the experience of your visceral cellular vibration, the movement and flow of life force in your organs, blood, veins, and thus molecular structure. Pure presence in this whole state of being.

We are not our thoughts, our beliefs, our job, our legacy our mission. Those aspects of self surface through the experience of pure being. In fact the more attuned we are to pure presence the less we have to do or manifest or create in this material world. Our creations are
generally manifest through a need to understand and express I AM. When our actions come through pure and spontaneous expression, we are moved by our essential being, when they come through a need to prove, validate, impress, influence or leave a mark on, we are moved by the ego of state of consciousness which is ultimately driven
by a fear of death or no longer being in the material world.

For some this fear is also driven by a fear of some kind of god, or figure ourself if themselves that they feel is going to decide their fate. This acts as a kind of behavior modification or morality that allows for society to function in an orderly fashion, generated by religious text and belief.

For some there is a belief that there is no god or higher being, we are simply here now and must leave our mark on the planet so that this life is not all for naught. Some believe in the vibrational source energy, something more of the metaphysical plane, where we don’t actually die, we simply transform or transition. You may have heard that word used instead of the word death or euphemism “passed on.”

This idea is spawned from chemistry. The reality that we are all made up of molecular structure that is constantly bonding and repelling and that the universe is constantly
expanding and retracting at the same time, so that we don’t implode. This idea is that we only have a certain amour of energy and vibration in the galaxy or u inverse and it never multiplied or decreases, which allows us the perfect pressure to remain in stasis and thus functioning in this vast and mysterious universe that we were somehow born

Whatever you believe, I am sure you have a sense of what I AM means to you. I also imagine you may be questioning this or looking to further your consciousness, which has led you to me.

We may understand the concepts but How do we learn to experience full presence ?

“I have it heard it said, the minute we accept ourselves, we become whole.” xo Oceana

Let’s think about life.
We are born. We are full presence, no thought, only experience. Then we are socialized, sent to school. Our brains become recorders, we learn codes, formalities, forms of communication, facts, we record. Then we learn to repeat the recordings and then we begin to become professors. Now this is not all bad, I’m not suggesting we don’t acquire
or share knowledge, and to have ideas and profession and social standing, but let’s examine how caught up in that process we become. How do you examine your riches? Is it through the money in the bank, the material possessions and beauty you believe you own? Then if you lose it all, are you going to call yourself poor? Both material richness
and material poorness are a state of mind, not associated with pure presence.

I heard a yoga master in India once say, some people call all of this identification, because you have a bunch of dents in your eye. So, if you remove these ‘dents’ from your eye, you can see clearly again, feel your presence, feel
your natural ‘I.’

Plain simple pure I

Pure Presence is a liberation from your own identifications. You are your own friend, you are your own foe. You bondage yourself you free yourself. The bondage of identification through the exterior is clear. The limitless potential of pure presence is clear.
The pure potential, limitless self doesn’t need any rituals or idols. If you live in fear of your existence, seeking validation, you will constantly need to affirm to yourself I AM and prove to yourself over and over through the eyes of the other. This is due to fear of experiencing the essenatil vulnerable presence within your own cells, your own
vibrational stare of being, your own pure and advanced intelligence, your own pure presence of being. Nothing can take this away from you but you, your own mind. Your own limitations.

People may look at you and want to know your credentials, your identity in their eyes, and your value in their eyes, but they are just projecting their own fears of pure presence and potentiality onto you, by needing to box you in. You can decide if you want to live in this box or if you want to step into confidence of self and spirit not through proving existence and worth but by communing with pure presence and aliveness within your cells and being. No one can take that away from you and there no matter what you achieve or manifest it is never as important as your coonection to source within, your pure and limitless presence and potential. It is truly wonderful and rich to liberate yourself from all of this bondage.

Like gold gets purified through burning you can learn to ignite the fire within your being, your mind, and literally burn through the thoughts, identifications, and beliefs that bind you. You can learn to burn off the bondage of mind and clean yourself, move back into pure presence. This is a practice of liberation and freedom of mental and physical bondage.

Self purification, humility, letting go of ego structure, identification, letting go or dissolving of defenses, blocks in your mind and body that stop your pure presence and potentiality from pouring through you. Your natural pure body
presence is a renewable resource and become stronger the more your practice dissolving and burning off the toxins,
blocks, and opening yourself to pure presence.

Spiritual Awakening: The Journey Inward

A true journey to communion with pure presence often happens to you, out of desperation, out of a need to survive.
Some think of a spiritual awakening as sitting in yoga class in meditation or booking a flight to a holy city to stay in a nice hotel and visit the sites, even pray, relax, vacation. The true journey within is not about leaving your
circumstances or setting the perfect circumstances, it is about going deep within your natural body energy, dissolving the bondage of the mind and identity and seeking to resonate with the source energy within you. You can do this at any time any where day night, now. You will face or feel or resonate with uncomfortable feeling and as you
sit through and with those aspects of self they will dissolve, burn, and become new or different feelings, deep within.

This is a seeker, a seeking, a journey to oneness and pure presence. It is not a lovely trip to a statue or temple pray, and put up photos. This is fine and lovely but the true journey within to commune with pure presence, is truly within. It’s of course wonderful to take journey see new things explore old sites, but the journey is within to source.

I AM is Pure Presence

I AM is Source vibration within your visceral being. I am is not your identity, your outside, your ego’s need for validation. I AM is inside, in the communion with pure source, pure energy, pure presence. This is something you cultivate within, and return to often throughout each day. An internal space to commune with when you feel blocked and filled with dents, This resonance with your natural realm, your I Am, is with you everywhere you go. . . And that is where your journey is.

Allow yourself to make the space within to listen to pure presence, to become pure presence, to let go of your fears of
extinguishment and give to the pure presence of your visceral being, your aliveness.

Let’s discuss how to burn off defensive layering of your subtle energies in your solar plexus. This is a pathway to renewing energy, purifying identification fears and ideas, and opening to pure presence.

Third chakra This chakra is called the “Mana Pura chakra.”

The most important thing in life is staying on your own path rather than focusing on comparing or judging others. Communing with Self is a sign that you are aligned with your own confidence and pure presence. Then you can truly feel the other.


Gaze into the center to find your journey inward.
If you notice that you are falling into comparing and judging, opening your third chakra can rebalance your sense of self, will, purpose, and confidence. Another sign that your third chakra is closed is how you view your body. You may think you are too short, too fat, too whatever—and this may have nothing to do with objective reality. You may be enthusiastic one minute and depressed the next. You may become consumed by power struggles that cause you to feel undervalued or make decisions out of a fear that you won’t get what you think you deserve. You might lack motivation and experience troubles with your
liver, bowels, spleen, or stomach. This is due to worrying so much.

Opening Your Third Chakra

It is a wonderful thing to make a daily practice of checking in with your third chakra. We spend a lot of time in action and trying to create things in our lives, and this can cause problems with our third chakra.

Let’s start together by simply taking a breath. Can you feel it in your body, the movement of breath opening your rib cage, solar plexus, do you breathe as deeply as your diaphragm and pelvis? Soon you will . . Keep breathing deeply
and feel the heat of your breath moving through you, your cells, your organs, your heart, your veins your brain. Feel
your breath like an internal massage as you inhale, as you exhale.
Gently thump your palm against your solar plexus for about fifteen repetitions and then rub your open palm against your solar plexus
in a clockwise direction over your solar plexus for about a minute. While rubbing your palm clockwise, visualize the color yellow.
Imagine yourself in the world, confident and seen. You are not hiding or ashamed to be seen.

❤️I love you. I hope you to see you in soon in session or group workshop her at Sensual By Nature Studio.

“I am an ocean of love. . . “ xo Oceana

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