Hello. . . I hope you are enjoying the beautiful Autumnal Sunday, wherever you are. I am simply warmed and celebrating today. . . .

The group is bonded by one shared similarity: this is a group of Tantric seekers who share the same intentions and interests by way of studying with me, and now co- creating a safe place to learn more about Tantra in a group setting. Many of the members yesterday expressed a feeling that they spend a lot of time in life taking care of others and are looking for a place where they can learn and gain deeper spiritual perspective and self care through Tantric practice, and so to rejuvenate and expand on this spiritual path and lifestyle. As Your trusted Dakini and Tantric Guide, I offer my ten years of practice, experience, and divine love and honor to each individual who works with me in any capacity.

I simply share with you here, a twenty minute recording of the beginning meditation that I, Dakini Oceana, led yesterday for the November Workshop at Sensual By Nature Buddhist Mindfulness And Traditional Tantra Studio. Of course, I respect the anonymity of each seeker who participates in my guidance and practice, so when you press play on this video, you will simply hear my voice recorded live, and see a wash of images that I put together for your eyes and body to experience. So you can get a sense of the group flow. . . .the  lovely seekers who were a part of yesterdays group, began  this four hour celebration of peace and sensuality, by first sitting/laying flat on their backs in my guided meditation to get grounded in their own bodies, breath, hearts and senses; then we  embarked on the next phase of checking in emotionally through group circle, then partnering and eye gazing, changing partners so each person could work with each person, even if they came as a couple, then yab yum breath and gaze, a short break for water and fruits, then a series of exercises to enhance their understanding and experience in working with different energetic force fields inside of different bodies, minds and spirits, through guided technique in dance, movement, and touch.

I would like to say a bit more about the group workshops at Sensual By Nature Studio, because I have gotten a lot of inquiries and am still screening some people to see if they are spiritually and mentally prepared to enter a beautiful ceremony such as these at Sensual By Nature Studio. . . You see, I arrange the groups so that the same members will continue meeting every few months, on an ongoing basis. As you know, many workshops meet for a weekend or a day. The groups workshops at Sensual By Nature Studio offer you an opportunity to develop a core group of like minded people who are committed to continuing meeting on an ongoing basis. I create guided readings in between each group workshop date, and ask for feedback from group members so that each meeting is tailored for the group’s needs, interests, and growth potentials as we move forward.

In this kind of progressive group workshop, we develop a true safety through the growth of emotional and respectful intimacy, developed by familiarity and sharing within a boundaries and respectful space. This kind of growth as a group can truly be explored by the bonding and maturing together we all co-create and share when together, and the commitment each person has to holding sacred space for with respect to each person’s personal life outside of group, and commitment to keeping all of their time together within the boundaries of our group meetings, rather than starting their own relationships outside of group. This kind of commitment to boundary allows for even more potential for intimacy and growth when the group does meet. This is the same respect I hold for each person and couple I work with individually here at Sensual By Nature Studio, as your trusted guide and Dakini.

So you know. . .in case you wondered. . .  Each workshop is a combination of meditation, gazing, seated postures, energetic  resonance instruction, bodywork instruction and exploration and a closing in prayer, meditation and sharing about each individual’s experience. Each meeting adds more dimension to Buddhist Mindful Spiritual-Perspective and Traditional Tantric Technique-based training.

If you are interested in joining a workshop setting, please feel welcome to contact me, Dakini Oceana. We can discuss the possibilities that may be best suited for you, to help you become integrated into an elite Tantric group such as this special one that met yesterday. I am also forming other groups as well, who will meet consistently and may have specific themes such a “men only;’ “women only;” “people working through childhood trauma;’ “daka-dakini training,” etc, I am here for YOU. Please let me know if you have a special interests and I will form a group with like minded Tantric seekers who have specific interests in terms of the group setting and focus.

My love, guidance, warmth, open heart, and absolute fascination in your unique self is YOURS. We celebrate YOU.  I offer you my open heart to yours, my spirit to yours, my unconditional love, my blessing and my care are YOURS.

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