Hello, here are some of my thoughts and teachings on the benefits of Guided Journaling. I love both “Stream of Conscious Journaling” and “Erotic Journaling.” This post is to help you understand the benefits of each. Yours, Dakini.

“Guided Journaling”

As a counselor, provider and muse of Tantric practice and bodywork, I often guide a seeking person to begin journaling. I call this shared practice “Guided Journaling” and do this in Studio here or via Skype. I call it “Guided” because I ask you  to share the journal entries with me weekly, and we discuss in session.  The greatest benefits of “Guided Journaling” are that through sharing with me and allowing me to probe by asking questions about various passages, you allow me to become a trusted source of empathic, perceptive and objective guidance. Both an open, accepting ear and guidance can help you become more attuned to your deeper intuitive thoughts, needs, feelings because together we discuss in greater depth some of the main themes, arcs, deeper feelings we each sense may be percolating within you and that you may be having difficulty accessing on your own. If you are not comfortable sharing the actual entries it is fine!!  Journaling is an absolutely beautiful, personal tool. Most important to me is that you feel safe and are comfortable when sharing in whatever capacity you wish. I would rather have a person feel they can write with no inhibitions, than that they have to share the details with me right away. If you don’t share the entries in detail right away, it can still be greatly beneficial. We simply discuss how the journaling is feeling and if there is anything they want to share or ask. Writing down your thoughts in any regard can offer an even deeper relationship with Self. Journaling is also helpful in that you can go back and read your passages as time progresses, to gain reflective insight on your growth and journey.

Usually, I suggest that a person try  “Stream of Conscious” journaling first.  “Stream of Conscious” journaling can be done for just a few minutes a day or as often as you wish. As we progress in this kind of journaling, we will begin to delve into and incorporate the practice of  “Erotic Journaling.”  

“Stream of Conscious Journaling”

First, I suggest a “stream of conscious” approach where you simply sit and write out whatever you are feeling, experiencing, thinking, longing for in the moment. For many, this kind of journaling can take a bit of getting used to. The journaling often starts out as a rather linear approach, where the person wants to write what they did that day or very specific accounts of what was said in a dialogue. Of course, all of anything a person is moved to write is beautiful and important, and as we continue exploring journaling, I simply continue to guide you to access your spontaneous thoughts, feelings. I suggest you sink into body and try to let go of the conscious need to  “make sense” or “story”. “Stream of Conscious” Journaling is most beneficial in that it aids in beginning to open the unconscious through this “stream of conscious” pen to paper experience.

I have seen quite astounding growth in many people who trust my guidance and commit to this exploration. The results vary from am person uncovering the deeper aspects of their feelings and longings, which sets them on a more directed relationship path, career goal, or what have you. I have also experienced people continuing this type of writing into memoir or fiction pieces, or use this writing to uncover artistic blocks and allow themselves greater access to the delicate aspects of self they are trying to infuse in their work. In any time of life or regard, 

“Erotic Journaling”

Recently I have also been incorporating more “Erotic Journaling” as a path toward self knowledge and acceptance.  An “Erotic Journal” is a notebook or computer file in which you write memories, fantasies, feelings, and impressions as they come to you. We focus primarily first on memories. Fantasies are quite telling as well, and we will certainly get to those as time progresses, but first we begin with memories so as to understand how you relate to your body, mind and spirit experiences in terms of sexual, romantic, playful, arousing interactions. For both erotic journaling of memory and fantasy, it is important to realize that one attribute is that this kind of journaling remains active. We may sit and write a few minutes a day, but we are also teaching our minds to become attuned to the memories and fantasies as they float through our psyche throughout the day and night. Hence, this kind of journal remains active, so that when memories or imagination become clearer, you can add to it spontaneously.  Again, you can also reread your writings later as self -discovery deepens. Perhaps as time progresses you will see your memories or fantasies in a new light. This kind of writing is delicate and personal, as your guide, counselor and muse I don’t always ask that you share these writings with me immediately, unless you want to. The most important aspect to any journaling and especially “erotic journaling” is that you try to work through the inhibitions of the mind that will hold you back, even perhaps without realizing it. 

What is a fantasy?

I would describe an erotic fantasy as an image, thought or feeling within your mind that is sexually interesting to you. Like a daydream or a fleeting moments that wakes you up, inspires your curiosity. Sometimes it turns you on a great deal, or you may hardly notice it. Your body may or may not become aroused. 

Through “Erotic Journaling,” both of memory and fantasy, I suggest that you pay close attention to how they help to inspire you. You may judge them as boring, silly, shameful, weird, embarrassing. Lets try to remember to remain curious about our inner lives, rather than judgmental. Fantasies are just that, an image the mind conjures, and something for us to experience and explore. Fantasies are certainly not to go straight from unconscious mind to action. I firmly believe that the more able we are to become conscious and accepting of these fleeting fantasies and memories throughout the day, we will become more conscious of our actions, be able to make clearer choices before taking actions, and simply enjoy our fantasies and memories for what they are and what they can teach us about ourselves. This is why I believe journaling to be such a vital aspect of life , awareness and self acceptance. 

In session I would ask you a series of questions to help get you started. Questions you can write down and answer in your own time, and she with me or not. I hope that this bit of writing about both “Stream of Conscious” journaling and “Erotic Journaling” help to move you along to trying some on your own. Of course as your Tantra counselor, provider and muse I will be happy to help you continue your exploration of self in my studio or via Skype!

Wishing you a transcendental Sunday!!

Love, Dakini

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