🌺. I am currently sitting by a window inside sensual by nature studio, writing to you. . .

First I want to send you a smile. “ Hi.” Do you feel me smiling at you?

Simply, I would like to discuss mindful living. What is mindful living? I consider it bringing “full presence” to all that you do. The “ present” is a “gift,” it is said. The present is the place where everything in existence is always happening, where we have the power to create action and affect change.

How do you do cultivate and ability to notice when you are simply “going through the motions” and to bring yourself back into the “present,” the “gift.”

🌷Today, I have some simple suggestions that you could try incorporating into your daily life. build your ability to become more present to all aspects of your relationships and life.

Find your inner space. . .

Build Pockets of Stillness Into Your Life

Meditate. Daily. Go for walks. Daily. Get out in nature, and get lost in the beauty. Whenever you can. . .if just for a few moments, take time to focus and clear your mind. Stop actively trying to process, judge, and label everything around you, and allow your senses to open; smell, touch, taste, listen, gaze, feel the sensual movement of your breath inside your body. Thus simple few minute focus will help you, become able to quiet the noise in between your ears.

In this quiet space, your inner space, your natural insights can come to you. The engine of your natural, vital life affirming inspiration and thus your ability for manifestation gets tuned up.

This is what it means to become truly “present.”

Why take the time throughout your day to refocus and come back to being fully present?

The mind can get stuck on remembering and planning. . .

Reflection on the past and planning the future are essential to our progression in life. The challenge is to not live in the past or future and get stuck there. Experience shows that this can become problematic, and almost always results in multiple expressions of fear and anxiety.

Presence is more rewarding than productivity.

Let’s not mistake productivity with being “busy.” They are not the same by any means, and it seems most of us are more busy than productive these days. Being effective versus productive is optimal, however. And being present is being effective.

Don’t get me wrong, I too enjoy the feeling of being productive!! It gives me a sense of exhilaration, forward movement, and evolution. However just like everything else, the importance of goal completion, tasking and productivity can become magnified by society to the point where our achievements, our finances, and our ability to bring something to the table are

used to measure our worth as human beings ! We in turn begin to measure our worth and self satisfaction through this lens that we use to find happiness. This spiral of self inventory can take from us of the very capacity for a particular kind of joy that makes life worth living.

Why hurry through life ?

You can choose to participate with the flow of time, be even more powerful with your abundance and manifestations, if you seek to become present rather than numb out, and become a slave to the tasking, daily grind.

Taking the time to re-focus and become present is the difference between being effective, motivational and inspirational rather than merely productive. 

🌺 Sensual by Nature tip. .. . I suggest you take a moment or three every hour or two to Savor this sacred gift of existence!

Devote more of your time to observation, leisure, and learning.

Most of all, slow down, and learn to be still.

Thank you for visiting my blog, I look forward to reconvening here with you tomorrow!!

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