Hello, Seekers of the Light,

Many people who visit Sensual By Nature Studio inquire after their first session for an email from me Dakini Oceana with specific techniques for practicing on their own between sessions. So I decided to also put some simple practices for beginners in a bog post for you to read ❤️

Here is a very simple follow up for you to begin to develop a mindfulness Tantra practice at home, before your next session.

Here is what I suggest you practice daily:

*In the morning when you wake:

Simple Tantric Breath

-open your mouth, breath in and out through you mouth, and find where your breath travels throughout your upper body.

-First place your hands in your middle, around your solar plexus and put your minds attention on breathing into that space.

-Feel the expansion in your solar plexus as you inhale.

-If you don’t feel expansion, like a balloon, then you need to focus on finding that ability – often people think an inhalation is about ‘sucking in’ the abdomen but actually when we take in breath our body ought to expand. Yes! We take IN breath, so our body’s expand like a balloon! 🎈 

*As you exhale, put your minds attention on feeling the heat of your breath rising UP through your body: your heart, throat, mouth. Feel your solar plexus deflate. Just like a balloon does! 

-As you find this opening and releasing of breath in your solar plexus easier to do, THEN place your hands lower on your pelvic region (between your pelvic bones). Send breath into that area, with all same focuses as above, feeling your pelvic region expand and the heat of your breath travel UP through your solar plexus, heart, throat, mouth as you exhale. 

🌷*You are building a simple awareness of the experience of breath opening your body and gently letting go as you exhale, any tension. Here, your breath acts as an internal massage to your body and calms your nervous system and heart beat. It also helps to increase blood circulation, which lifts natural energy, mood and sense of connection to SELF.

*As this simple Tantric breath practice becomes easier, more natural to how you breath normally, and becomes a part of your moment to moment breathing technique, or experience, then add this.

✨Now: Internal Sensation

-As you INHALE breath, now touch your skin, heart, pelvis with your fingertips. Do you experience sensation in your pelvic center (between pelvic bones and above genitals). Try to Feel these ‘internal sensations’ on your EXHALATION as well.

-As you become more aware of these internal sensations, then focus your minds eyes internally. Imagine you can see inside your body. Imagine you can see the internal areas where your fingertips are touching your skin, and see the sensations percolating within your body.

“Now, imagine it, see it, and you will actually do it.” ~ Oceana xx

– Seeker, with your minds eyes, Send your breath into the center of each internal sensation. As you breathe into these internal sensations, you will feel the warm pool of your breath enter the percolating sensations. You will feel, physically, internally, you will feel the pool of internal sensation expand.

– Now, As you exhale that warm breath, imagine, see, and feel these sensations rise through your body again, traveling along the pathway of your breath.

Simple Tantric Breath!

Yes Seeker, This is the fundamental Tantric breath.

Practice that Simple Tantric breathing as many times as you can in the morning.

Then add a practice at night before bed.  

I understand, this practice may sound simple, it may not. Don’t overthink it. Do your best to FEEL it.  Tantric Breath is actually relatively simple once you allow yourself to expand on your inhale and release on your exhale. Once you allow yourself to see and feel sensations inside of your own body.

Mindful Simple Tantric Breath throughout your Day

I want you to learn to become aware of how you are breathing throughout your day,l. If you find that you are not breathing Tantricly, mindfully bring your mind back to awareness of your body, and go back to the first step: find your breath, and then create and find your internal sensations.

This is the mindfulness (body mind) awareness practice that will help you clear brain chatter and bring you back to presence in your full body energy.

Again, these are the fundamental practices, that you must master and make a part of your day as you embark on developing to the next level of home Tantric practices.

These mindful Tantric practices will help you begin to have meditative pleasure waves In your body that then help move the chi or sexual energy from root throughout subtle chakra system, and help you cleanse blocked areas.

Here, we begin to develop deeper body mind awareness.

I am here as your inspiration, guide, muse and healer. ❤️

My Warmth, Care, Blessing,


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