Hello, Loves,

I am so warmed by the vibrant group of individuals that gathered at Sensual by Nature Studio for our February workshop !  A very special and select group joined together to create a safe space for each member to experience and practice the Mindfulness Buddhist Practices and Traditional Tantric Techniques we learn at Sensual By Nature Studio NYC.

Here are a few notes I received from students after the February Workshop :

“Goddess Oceana, The bliss remains and grows- physical, emotional, and spiritual. Wow. Thank you. The more I understand, embrace, and believe that I can transcend to such higher levels of joy, the more I want to learn. I can’t thank you enough. Looking forward to the next one.”

“Gorgeous Oceana: I simply have no words. Thank you. Today was beyond anything I could have imagined. I sang all the way home. I still feel such love for the group, for you, for the universe. I am so happy. I am so joyful. The group you selected was simply wonderful. I look forward to continuing as a group and will schedule a private to regroup and learn more next month.”

“Dear Oceana: Thank you for an amazing experience! I look forward to the next one!”

“Dear Oceana: It was such a powerful homecoming for me to be in my self with such ease in that group space. Thank you for always creating such a powerful, safe and transcendent container. Love.”

Perhaps you would like to understand the benefits of these practices that I teach in developing a transcendence and enlightenment in your mind and body experience?

Benefits are:

  1. Develop a deeper mind and body union- learn to become more present
  2. Better intimacy with yourself and others
  3. Shed Shame and Blocks around loving your body
  4. Learn to create “natural highs” in your daily life by developing techniques for creating more natural pleasures in your life
  5. Decrease sugar, starch, and substance cravings by learning to develop a sense of fullness in your body and mind through raising your internal vibration, natural pleasures and feeling more joy
  6. Shedding emotional resentments and baggage that weight yo down from loving life
  7. Spend less time working and more time doing what you love, but still having abundance in your life
  8. Feeling a more open empathic heart
  9. Understand the interconnectedness of LOVE throughout our universe, which creates more love in you for your family, community, friends and partner(s)
  10. Having a clearer mind with more focus and more natural body energy throughout all you do
  11. And so much more!!’

I welcome you to browse my special website and contact me to discuss creating a time to talk about whether this is the right place for you to enlighten your mind, body, spirit and heart.

Simply first,  I welcome you to engage in this 35 minute sound recording of the guided grounding meditation I teach at Sensual By Nature Studio. OF course I reserve all anonymity for students and the recording is not video, simply audio.

Wishing you much love, joy, peace and blessing to your heart.

Dakini Oceana

at Sensual By Nature Studio NYC

A Studio Decimated to enlightenment through Mindfulness Buddhist Practices and Traditional Tantric Techniques



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