After sessions, people often write to me to express how they experienced the explorations we engaged in, and new ideas, thoughts ,a awarenesses that have come to light for them. I welcome these letters as the days following a session are often a deeply creative, emotional, introspective and personally meaningful time. I am also reflecting on the sessions and I like to hear how the individual experienced and continues to experiences what we explored. This also helps me to understand how we will progress as we continue to explore in sessions ahead.

I have found this particular common theme very interesting lately, which led me to wanting to write a brief blog about it. Several people both men and women have written to me recently after meeting for the first time, wanting to express to me something very particular and personal to them. Interestingly, each person I am thinking of has had deep connection to their primitive fantasies and longings since we met. I welcome this as much of what we do in session is help the person open their unconscious mind by allowing them to enter a deep space of sensory engagement. By connecting with your visceral body in such a focused and open ended moment to moment connection with their senses, the frontal cortex (part of the brain that handles day to day tasking,and problem solving) gets to take a break, and the amygdala and hippocampus (part of the brain that engages in memories, fantasies and dreams) gets to float in a very organic way, so that whatever wishes surface has an opportunity.

I am aligned with the idea that life is simply about transforming energy, and I believe that one of the most fundamental and important ways the body, mind and spirit (aliveness, or life force) transforms energy is through allowing unconscious thought processes to surface, without trying to make sense of , defend against, or be forced to verbalize or express (though this is absolutely fine as well). My sense is that as your guide I am here to help you engage in this unconscious process moving into consciousness by helping you engage in your senses, breath and deep relaxation through a slowness deeply grounded in somatic experience. By allowing the unconscious mind to drift images to the surface of the mind, the body viscerally transmutes tension to confidence, and this happens because the conscious mind is accepting the unconscious rather that defending against its primitive aspects, which are often confusing when in the day to day social constructs of this world. Hence, after session the mind and body and still processing this in tandem experience and more memories, fantasies, dreams and emotions are continuing to seek acceptance, and understanding.

How I welcome follow up letters from people.who have recently experienced a session together with me.

I guide you and support you between sessions in writing down your dreams, your fantasies and your longings. We will explore them together, their meaning, your understanding of these dreams, fantasies and longings, and seek way for you to better understand yourself through investigating these delicious pieces of information.

The more introspective you are. . . the more you can help others. . . xo Dakini


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