As you may know after sessions, people often write to me to express how they experienced the explorations we engaged in, and any new ideas, thoughts, and awareness that may have come to light since then. I welcome these letters because the days following a session are often a deeply creative, emotional, introspective and personally meaningful time for each individual in many different ways. I like to hear how you experienced and continue to experience. This also helps me understand and envision how we may progress as we continue to explore in sessions ahead. . .

I have recently been led to wanting to write a brief blog about a particular common theme that has come to find me as very interesting lately. Several people, both men and women, who have visited me for the first time recently wrote to me after meeting, wanting to express to me something very particular and personal to them. Interestingly, each person has had deep, vivid connection to their fantasies and longings, coupled with a brave wish to express them to me. I welcome this of course.

Much of what we do in session is help you open your  unconscious mind. This happens naturally when I guide you into a deep space of sensory engagement between mind and body. You may not know this, but by connecting your awareness with your visceral body in such a focused and open ended moment to moment connection with your senses like we do during the bodywork aspects of sessions, the frontal cortex (part of the brain that handles day to day tasking and problem solving) gets to take a break, and the amygdala and hippocampus (part of the brain that engages in memories, fantasies and dreams) gets to float in a very organic way. This allows your deep wishes, dreams, memories and fantasies to feel welcome to surface, to feel the conscious mind is willing to hear, see, touch, and feel them.

Why a sensual- slow, and deeply grounded somatic experience?

I am aligned with the idea that life is simply about transforming energy, and I believe that one of the most fundamental and important ways the body, mind and spirit (aliveness, or life force) transforms energy is through allowing unconscious thought processes to surface, and to be done without trying to make sense of, defend against, or be forced to verbalize or express (though this is absolutely fine as well). As your guide I am here to help you engage as this unconscious process moving into consciousness by helping you remain focused on your senses, the moment and temperature of breath in your body, and your deeply relaxing being through this awesome, sensual- slow, and deeply grounded somatic experience. By allowing your unconscious mind to drift images to the surface of your conscious mind, the body is given opportunity to viscerally transmute tension to confidence, through acceptance. This happens because the conscious mind is accepting the unconscious rather that defending against its primitive aspects. Generally in day to day life, amidst the social constructs and time constraints of this material world, we must remain confined to defending against most of our fantasies, memories, dreams, and wishes because we fear they may disrupt our focus, or are told that they are shameful so we learn very young to deny these aspects of self wishing be seen and heard in the mind and by the mind. This often confuses a persons relationship to their inner life and leaves them feeling fragmented and depleted of energy, because this visceral energy is not able to transmute and thus gets stuck, sluggish, anreven turns to aggression for being shamed.  This is why the somatic and talk sessions people engage in with me, often generates a lot of transmutation in the bing that is not linear, and so after session the mind and body and still processing this in-tandem experience. The body energy has been allowed to flow, the amygdala is freezer due to its relationship with the limbic system’s circulation. More memories, fantasies, dreams and emotions are continuing to flow in and the conscious mind has found a new balance and willingness to not defend or become anxious, but to have compassion for the inner self and thus seeks to grant acceptance, and understanding of self. Because it feels so good to be alive that way!! Again, how I do welcome follow up letters from people.who have recently experienced a session together with me!

So recently both men and women have written to me about wanting to create session with me that allow them to express their inner life, their fantasies. Yes, there has been a recent influx of people who have deep wish to share with me new, or perhaps what they perceive as new but could be recurring fantasies, that have surfaced in more cognitive state.

Each person wants very much to express their inner life, their fantasies to me in writing or on the phone before creating the session, and asked me what I felt and suggested about this. This made me reflect deeply, once again, on the quiet, sensitive space that fantasy climbs out of from within.

What is Fantasy?

I observe fantasy as an aspect of the person’s subtle nature emanating out and seeking communicate something to the Self and the world, through the Other. I am honored to receive these sensitive aspects of self from others. I hold this space as something we can explore verbally and can perhaps in an enactment during next session, depending on what the fantasy is and how enacting it will or won’t serve them. To me, all fantasy is a personal aspect of character wishing be addressed and understood consciously by the person. While acting the fantasy out can be quite cathartic, fun, and can transmute energy, I understand that sometimes the enactment is not the most helpful way to understand and transfmorm this wish energy. More importantly to me is that I help you first describe, appreciate, explore, share the fantasy with me. This way I can help you really seek understand what your inner self is seeking express and be accepted for, and to tell you. By engaging in the use of fantasy as a tool for deeper self-understanding you become a person with more choice in action, rather than being tethered to defending against fantasy or impulsively enacting the fantasy (which can be the source of sex addiction or compulsive fetish) so as to get rid of the cognitive experience.

In actuality, when a person is ready to discuss a fantasy, it means their maturity seeks a deeper understanding of what the fantasy is communicating. As we know, men and women with active fantasy lives are usually quite familiar with the sorts of partners or situations likely to electrify them. In most, the challenge is to discover the links between these fantasies and the emotional understanding they crave, and in turn emotional business they may be seeking solve. The possibilities are practically limitless.

What are the Themes of Your Fantasy?

To illustrate how fantasy can illuminate your deeper emotional self and significance I enjoy highlighting themes that we explore together by your sharing with me verbally. Normally, many people keep these fantasies hidden, even from their life, sexual and romantic partners. Often they see their fantasies as shocking, overwhelming, voracious, shameful, and something to hide. This is quite an introspective and emotionally deepening concept, and clearly quite popular for people to wish delve into when given trusting time, space and opportunity for containment such as with me in my studio, or duinrg session wherever we meet. The questions and conversations between us always take much form, shape and some dramatic enactment. . .

At home now, while journaling your erotic fantasies, life wishes, interpersonal connections driven by imaginative circumstance, I suggest you keep a basic question in mind.

Asking yourself some deeper questions. . .

What is the theme of this fantasy and how is that personal to me? I’d love for you to bring some ideas around this to me when the wish to share the fantasy surfaces, and you decide to share with me. . .

Please know that I am here and dedicated to your personal growth through talk, touch, and sensory slowness. . .

Wishing you a Beautiful day!




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