Hello. . . as I meditate today in my studio, listening to the rain, smelling the scents of damp earth and cool breeze, I reflect on the path of Tantrik opening. . .the pathway inward to connection to Source. . .Befriend your body, that’s my message for YOU on this beautiful, intropective day. .  .

Have you ever seen a sleeping cat in the afternoon? Just how simply and beautifully that cat relaxes? Can you relax in that same way. Or is there tension blocking your energy. The flow of your existence to connecting to a greater life force outside of your body through your own natural flow in your body cannot happen if you are tense. If you are walking around pent up and uptight. Can you relax the same way that a cat relaxes. Do you toss and turn even in your own bed, unable to relax. A cat relaxes and yet it is perfectly alert. If you notice a cat will be in the present moment while luxuriating perhaps in the sun or in their body. Cats are always stretching, always moving, always opening up their spine, always yawning, always salivating to some degree. Yet they are very alert. Their senses are very heightened. A cat will hear a sound and they will jump. Cats are very protective of themselves, and of their bodies. So, cats are not just sleeping all the time. That is something very important to be aware of. I am not suggesting that one must always be in a relaxation and not working in their lives; or that people must always be laying around in the sun or in their bed. I am suggesting you can hold that relaxed position in your body, that fully relaxed trust in the present moment, and trust in your ability to have your senses opened and be perceptive of what is happening around you while remaining relaxed. If you find yourself often holding tightness it is often because you are in fear of what may happen next, you probably aren’t trusting that you may be able to gracefully glide through any circumstance that is presented to you in your life, throughout the day.

Try to learn from cats. . .how they sleep, how they relax, how they live in a non-tense way. People can really learn a lot from watching the animal world. If you ever watch those animal shows on National Geographic , the animals are very often in a very protective state of their bodes yet completely in their bodies while in that state of awareness. SO there is not that deviation from being in touch with your body that then equals a greater protective layer in the world. They are actually one in the same. The more in touch you are with your body, the more in tune you are with our senses, the more strength you have in navigating through even difficult circumstances, and certainly the more strength you have in navigating through intimate circumstances with others that you are close to.

Often when we are disconnected from our bodies we live in fear of somebody taking our belongings or hurting us, in turn creates a stance where we never become truly intimate with others. Then we are causing ourselves more strife with all our interactions in all that we do by living in a state of tightness and fear.

Kundalini yoga has a lot of stretches that are very cat like. A lot of different positions that have to do with being on all fours and stretching your spine in an upside down U shape, and a right side up U- moving back and forth by bringing your forehead and pelvis toward one another and then your forehead and tailbone toward the sky, and then back toward one another. The way that you see a cat do. Kundalini Yoga is the basis of Tantra Yoga practice. The two are one in the same; using breath, opening, stretching of spine, relaxation, stretching and deep deep breathing into your sexual center. Since childhood, many of us have been programmed to be tight. We don’t breathe, we are in fear and we are especially taught to be afraid of our own sexuality.

Those who repress their sexual energy often lose their intelligence. They lose sight of their potential. They become dull and rigid.

Those who who nurture their sexual aliveness are able to remain alive to their impulses and spontaneous intelligence. Their creative drive is the core element moving and shaking them through the world. They will be alive and funny and able to connect with people by listening and responding genuinely. Sexually alive people are often very comfortable in their bodies. When a person is really flowing their sexuality doesn’t have to fight or conflict with them, they can function with it as a source and the mind will function at its optimum, remaining intelligent, alert and alive.

Befriend your body, this is my message for YOU on this beautiful day. .  .


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