Hello, loves, how are you feeling this evening? I am sitting here, thinking about water.

Water in itself is a holy liquid. Without it, no form of life can survive. Water is not only a physical cleanser, it is also a metaphysical cleanser. Ritual bathing is truly global. Since urban environments don’t generally offer a natural source of water that we can use for bathing and blessing, people often rely on ritual bathing in bathtubs, showers, hot tubs, and spas. Our modern variation of natural water sources, running water through metal pipes, has become perfectly acceptable as a sue for ritual bathing and cleansing. Most important to recognize is that for centuries, in almost every culture, bathing has been a sacred ritual used to improve health, rejuvenate tired bodies, diminish stress, and, of course, cleanse and beautify. A bath can be anything you want it to be;a time of birth and rebirth, a purification of your soul, or a chance to pamper yourself n an ultra-relaxed state.

It is important when taking a spiritual bath to understand that it is different from a regular bath. A normal bath is a necessary sanitary function that removes the dirt and grime of daily living. A spiritual or ritual bath aims to remove unwanted energies and harmful vibrations. The act of preparing and taking part in a spiritual bath indicates that the person doing so, is putting their belief into higher truths. The belief itself simply triggers the necessary energies that, mixed with the physical attributes of the ingredients chosen and added, facilitates the elimination of the unwanted vibrations and acquisition of positive energies.

Before you take a spiritual bath, I suggest you take a sanitary bath, just to cleanse the dirts and toxins your soma may have gathered throughout your physical day. That way during your spiritual bath you can forget about washing between your toes, etc  and simply focus all of your energetics on the intentions and spiritual aspects you with invoke or cleans during this bathing ritual. Creating prayer, invocation and set intentions are a fun and important part of the ritual bath. These help you set clear focus on what you truly wish shed and what you wish invite into your realm of existence and awareness.

Spiritual formulas for your ritual bath. . .

I suggest you prepare your own ingredients rather than purchase a prepared cleanse in a shop. For example, many ritual baths involve minerals, herbs, roots, and tree barks. Many use spring water, or sea water, or water from a spiritual source such as the Ganges also adds protective elements to the vibration of your ritual bath water. Salt, baking soda, camphor, holy water, white rose petals, and an unbroken whole egg, are considered powerful protectors that you can add to your bath water. For the most part, you can visit a local health food shop, or even a GNC to purchase essential oils, Epsom Salts, and herbs.

Here are a few recipes for beautiful ritual baths that you can do on your own or with a partner. . . .

Healing Bath: This speeds up the healing process for al injuries and illnesses, and alleviates cold and flu symptoms, Please also add white candles and some prayer that you create to invoke or ask for your healing.

2 drops of eucalyptus oil

1 drop of Sandalwood oil

1.5 cups Bath or Epsom Salt sprigs of fresh rosemary

1 stick of cinnamon

Dark Blue food coloring

Energy Replenishing Bath: Excellent to take when you feel physically tired or emotionally drained 

3 carnations (petals only)

3 ounces of lavender oil

1 sprig of rosemary

1 sprig of basil

Love Bath: This is meant to bring people closer or help you attract a mate- Please light red candles and say a prayer or invocation for love and intimacy.

I cup Espom or Bath Salts

3 drops peppermint oil

2 drops cinnamon oil

2 drops lemon oil

2 drops almond extract

3 drops of rosemary oil

2 drops of lavender oil

1 drop of Jasmine oil

Pink food coloring

Wishing you beautiful bathing, invocations, prayers, and healing.

xo Dakini Oceana

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