Chakra Blocks & Body Energy

How do Buddhist Mindful and Tantric Practices help you melt defenses and channel subtle energy (Chakra) vibrations in your body?

When your chakras become blocked, you often feel physically or mentally sick and out of balance. Helping energy flow freely through your body assists you in becoming a whole, healthy, human being, allowing you to access your own natural power and communicate in a fluid and graceful way.

Eventually, through experience in Buddhist Mindfulness & Tantra Practice training, you will understand the sensations related to all seven Chakras, and you will be able to harness this ability to cultivate energy. The more balanced and open your Chakra centers are, the easier it will be for you to move and transform your energy.

First, you will learn that if you are holding blocks in these seven subtle energy fields, they are often related to life circumstances or outlook. Energy circulates throughout your body, and body energy is affected by your minds ability or inability to process the stimulation its receiving from your body. Discovering blocked areas can help you learn more about what aspects of your life are more difficult for your brain to process.

I like to look at the positive and often say,  “Each chakra can give you information as to what aspects within your personality, what areas of character, are seeking spiritual development. By working with your Chakras you can also learn to direct your own personal healing and spiritual growth by identifying what is blocking you and why you are blocked.”

I welcome you at Sensual by Nature to take my hand. . . hear my voice. . . and join my spirit as we discuss practices and meditations that help you attune and balance your Chakras. These are much more physical and experiential that simply reading about it. Tune in to YOU. . .

Remember, if you have been through physical or sexual trauma, your chakras may be especially sensitive. The subtle energy in your body is very affected by visceral tissues and often the trauma is too much for your brain to process, so your body keeps you safe by hanging on to it until your mind can process. This is why we see so many trauma victims with memory lapses. The brain is defending against overstimulation and so leaves much of the experience in the body. This is a survival mechanism.

Often memories arise from these Chakra exercises. I suggest hot baths, Epsom salt and much breathing and talking. Don’t try to push yourself into total awareness too quickly. Healing it a life-long process, and best if respected as such. Take your time and peel the layers slowly. Love yourself and your defenses!! They are there to protect YOU!!

At Sensual By Nature Studio, The Buddhist Mindfulness talks and practices I teach you, help you learn bout your perspective and how that relates to your physical health and Chakra (subtle energy) balance. The Tantric Practices I teach you are experiential practices that help you attune to your body energy and identify where you are holding blocks. The breath portions here allow you to learn to attune to these blocks. This helps you begin to melt defenses, understand and heal trauma, and open your body to the flow of energy between each Chakra. This flow of energy between your seven subtle energy centers creates a deeper sense of calm, and there you can access more natural body energy, toward mastering serenity, sensitivity, and strength in a busy world.


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