Hello, Seekers of the Light,

I am honored and ecstatic to share just a bit of the experience had at The April workshop. It was truly a transcendent and healing experience. This unique invite only group is growing and each person is doing very deep healing work through the loving support from each member.  Here are some special notes I received this month the following days after we held April Group. Below is a small excerpt of the Ceremonial Opening Guided Meditation. Of course I retain privacy for all who attend and keep the social media to a minimum. If you wish be invited to a group in the future please contact me directly and We shall discuss. 🌷 much love, warmth, breath and Blessing to You

~ “Oceana, First allow me to thank you for inviting both “My Partner” and I to your group session. It was very enlightening and deeply moving for us both. We truly did not know what to expect upon entering this sacred ground within the group setting. Yet, you opened it in such a loving manner and so tenderly too. The people you had there were all so open and honest with their feelings and emotions and it made for such a safe place. You Oceana are truly an amazing woman with the energy and heart of a true Goddess and you have an amazing ability to help the wounded and broken. Both “My Partner” and I are thankful, honored and blessed to have been invited to your group as you allow us to grow and heal. If you allow us, we look forward to working with you again and even another group session in the future.” ~

“Dear Dakini- Much has been unfolding and continues to unfold. It was an incredibly powerful experience for me and I feel like I released a huge amount of grief and trauma – in a good way. I am still sitting with the experience.  I feel like I have finally owned my priestess powers and have donned my robes.  And that I have integrated an important dimension of the divine masculine within myself.  I am beyond grateful to you for the healing journey that I have been able to embrace with your love and your guidance. So much love to you Oceana. So much love.” ~

“Hello, Oceana..It was another amazing group session, especially that you create such a safe space for everyone…Looking forward to seeing you and joining our group again in the near future”

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