This week I was sitting with a person who had visited one time before, the week before. This person said to me that after our last (first) session they had gone home and realized through the night and upon waking through the next day that they felt absolutely accepted. They said they felt that in our session, together, they had experienced an unconditional acceptance from me, and welcome of their essential nature, that they had never once remember having had before, ever in their entire life. The experience they had with me had allowed them to feel open, vibrant, stronger in their essential self, and flowing with joy as they went through their day in the highly demanding and competitive profession they dwell in every day. This person told me that they long for this experience every day and when they realized it was “fading late in the following day,”  wanted only to be back in the studio with me, communing in the natural setting of our session time together. This person said they even suddenly feared they may become “addicted” to our time together because they crave so deeply this experience of unconditional acceptance, as it nourishes their being and makes them feel very alive, happy, powerful and limitless. They said they had no concept how to feel it without me because they had never felt it before. Of course I smiled and was very happy for this person for having had this experience of unconditional love and acceptance that enveloped their essential core and helped them shine. My verbal response to this person was ‘not to worry, what we do here is allow you and guide you to have that unconditional acceptance experience through me, and over time teach you to give that experience to yourself, through how you experience your body, feelings, thoughts and aspirations.”  I said that ultimately they wouldn’t have been able to have that experience through me if part of them didn’t already feel this acceptance and love toward themselves. “We are together uncovering, beckoning and empowering, this Absolute Source that already resides within you, in connection to all living beings, and beyond material form,” I said. This person was surprised by this and asked how I could guide them to experience this kind of self love and acceptance. Our warm talk prompted me to want to write this piece and share it with all of you. . .

In my humble thoughts. . . 

Absolute love is not something we can fabricate. It comes through us naturally when we fully open to another person, ourselves: Life. In relation to another it appears as selfless care. In relation to ourselves it shows up as inner confidence and self acceptance that warms us from within. And in relation to life it manifests as a sense of well-being, appreciation and joie de vivre.  

When we experience this kind of openness and warmth coming from another it provides an essential nourishment. It helps us experience our own warmth and openness, allowing us to recognize the beauty and goodness at the core of our nature. The light of unconditional love awakens the dormant seed potentials within us, helping them ripen, blossom, and bear fruit, allowing us to bring forth the unique gifts that are ours to offer in this life. Receiving pure love, caring, and recognition from another confers a great blessing. It affirms us in our being who we are, allowing us to say yes to ourselves.

What feels most affirming is not just to feel loved, but to feel loved as we are. As we are means in our very being. Absolute love is the love of being.

The human personality is not the source of absolute love.  You see, its light shines shines through us from what lies altogether beyond us, the ultimate source of all. We are the channels through which this radiance flows. So while flowing through us it also finds a home within us, blooming as our heart radiance. or pure essence. We have a natural wish to reach toward this deepest essence, our life’s blood.  We cannot help wanting to fill our own nature with this essential aspect of our nature. 

When the value and beauty of our existence is recognized, this allows us to relax, let go, settle in to ourselves. In relaxing, or letting go of tension, we open. We bloom. This opening makes us transparent to the life flowing through us, like a fresh breeze that enters a room as soon as the windows are raised. 

Sending warmth of Heart and Source through me to You today. . . Open your heart and allow the Source to flow in and empower your essential nature with self acceptance. . . and blossom.

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