A Story of Eros: “Orgies”

Erotic Fantasy is fun, while the practice of giving your mind space to wander into erotic fantasy is incredibly healthy for your entire being. The unconscious mind is able to open and enter the conscious mind more deeply, allowing for elucidation around your deeper desires, and inclinations. Your fantasies may change, one day one thing will ignite, another day that same thing may feel undesirable. The practice of meandering into Erotic Fantasy is to let yourself be free of judgement, to see what surfaces. Often, we are able to express emotions and psychological dynamics through the freedom of fantasy.

See how this passage moves you today; from Catherine Millet’s book titled, The Sex Life of Catherine M. There is no right, wrong, reason. Simply listen and let your unique mind wander into imagination. If you feel like writing afterward, of course enjoy. 13min.

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