Hello. . .as I am moving through life,this human existence that paradoxically pushes us all into a dichotomous and rather frustrating state, I think of YOU. Who? You may ask? I am speaking or really sending vibrational energy through me to all of YOU. . . no one individual but the space within all of you that interconnects YOU. . . the life force, the heart vibration, the aliveness, and yes. . the separateness.

We have all felt pure bliss aliveness, love, curiosity, expansiveness at one point or another, even as infants, which we may not even fully recall. We have also all felt utter aloneness, loneliness, apartness, and that may have been at a time we don’t recall, some stage of infancy or even birth. The child screams and rants when exiting the womb, the birth canal, and enters this strange planets, this dichotomous existence. We are form, yet we are formless. We are energy trapped inside of a physical body, yet we are so much bigger than our physical body. We can vibrate and meld with all life force, all living beings, on many different planes at one time. It is science, it is metaphysics it is life and it allows for our mind to become BIG, rather than focusing on the fears and strivings to secure our survival moment to moment. We are here, we are exactly where we are meant to be at this exact time, and we are constantly expanding and diminishing at each moment, as time passes. This is the purest dichotomy. Like the sun, we are a chemical exhumation. While expanding vibrational and grow beyond our conscious will at all times throughout life, we are also dying, diminishing, flaking off, decomposing. Exactly like the sun. The decomposition is a necessary aspect of growth. Yet, it creates an uncomfortability and makes the conscious mind believe that there is something wrong with us. There is nothing wrong with us. We are living, and life is not linear, nor is it HAPPY every second. True happiness come from the acceptance of what is, and the acceptance of our emotional life. Serenity comes from acceptance, not circumstance.

I am writing this to this you source energy,  because I woken in the middle of the night and I began to write a passage in a journal i have been keeping. When someone shares aspects of their life with me, as a healer I allow it to ruminate within me and often I find some understanding in the night, or through another person sharing aspects of their human condition, and then me seeking to feel my own inner life of course too. We are all mirrors of one another and if we allow  ourselves to move more deeply into introspection through what we experience through another, we will expand and deepen through our exchanges with other living beings.

I keep the journal by the bed and I write when my intuitive voice feels moved to express something. This I decided to share with YOU. It is not linear, it may just wash over you. I think we learn most in non linear fashion, and rather through experientially allowing thoughts, feelings, fantasy of all colors and gradations. . . to wash through us, move our vibration force in the natural transmutation of energy that we all exist within. That’s all we are right? Energy. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed. Acceptance allows our nervous system to calm, thus we stop fighting against all that feels uncomfortable and allow it all to flow through us, creating moments of pure bliss and some moments of perhaps uncomfortable loneliness. We are ultimately separated from the Ultra Life Force, in these physical bodies, so loneliness is a normal aspect of that, no matter how long we are married, or how blissful new romance feels, or how many children or big the family, we all experience moments of apartness .This ebb and flow is what creates life. . . and growth . .

Dakini’s Journal. . .

Meditating on the very distilled human experience.  . . which is through two people who have a lonely part of themselves or a very private part of themselves. In that unspoken kind of loneliness that you may have gotten to be able to be more in touch with in your own life, you may been able to recognize that she has the same place in her. That almost unspoken mutual understanding is what’s kept you together in this resonance for so long. That kind of awareness that you shared with me is something that I really honor and value in another person and in you, to be able to have that deep intuitive knowledge of what’s really happening in your core, and then be able to understand what the magnetism is between you and your partner. I was thinking about what a deep place you were sharing with me by talking about that and I was sort of resonating with it, with that space that you described that you two share. I think that that’s a space that every human being, if they were really able to find the truth in themselves, that that loneliness, that apartness, that sort of secretive spot, is a part of the human condition. We all feel it in different ways and in different variations and different colours even. I felt incredibly in touch with that place particularly in your body because of everything you’ve been sharing with me. It seems to kind of have this cavernous color and quality like a big open cave, like a cave underneath one of the mountains that you’re hiking. It’s deep and it’s in there and it’s containing a lot of different facets of different people that you’re taking in. They’re all becoming part of you but you’re also holding them in a sacred space. It’s paternal in a way. Yes, there’s a sharing going on between you and them but they’re also trusting you a lot as a father or as a guide. There’s a sexual component to that. They’re going to be attracted to you. It’s the Oedipal complex. When a woman finds a man who offers structure and guidance, all of a sudden they get very turned on, all of them. It might not even be that they really want you to be reciprocal in making love. It might be that they think they want that but it might really upset their vulnerability. They might want to just remain in this vulnerable space with you and not know it, because if they suddenly become your partner then this will shift things for them. They don’t probably know that. They might really think they want to grab you and take you away from Karen. That’s part of the girl that wants all the attention from the big man. It’s going to be a fantasy that they have but if it actually came true it might shatter what’s giving them the protective feeling. Then they would feel too vulnerable or too powerful.”

I hope you allow this to wash over you. . . and to feel whatever may occur within you while experiencing the thoughts. . .xo



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