“Welcome. . . You have found a Sanctuary dedicated to Peace & Sensuality. . . ”   

Discover a vast realm of Sensual Arts, A lifestyle of Tantric Health & Wellness, Renewed and strengthened Sexual Health, Deep and Sustainable Presence of Mind, Body, Heart.

I offer In Studio & Virtual Sensual Tantric Healing for Men, Woman & Couples-

Located on Upper West Side NYC. 9a-9p daily.

Click ‘BOOK A MEETING’ to create a Sensual Tantric Healing Experience~ & Email Dakini Oceana an open, authentic introduction of yourself. 

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Let me ask you. . .

Do YOU Feel out of touch with your body? Anxious, Distracted, Numb-  Unsure how to find your Center? Crave a feeling of aliveness, presence, passion?

Exhausted from Travel, Routines, Technology, ‘To Do’  lists, Old Emotional Patterns? Crave Healing, Rest, Rejuvenation?

Love your beautiful life and wish explore your Sensual self, to enhance your outside relationships?

A Couple desiring new inspiration, growth, healing, exploration to support and sustain your beautiful Partnership?

Simply crave to Feel Loved, Held, Felt, Understood?

In a cherry. . . I am a Youthful, Giving, Sensual Tantric Healer, an Inspirational Muse, a Guide in Sensual Arts, Health, Wellness and Presence. It has been said that I am an “Open channel of love, bliss and sensuality.”

I offer Slow, Sensual Tantric Healing and Wellness, Sensory Breath Guidance, Sacred Karezza, Sensuality Arts Experiences and Technique, and most importantly I offer unconditional Love and Kindness.

In a session, You enter curious. Time slows down, you Let Go, Open, and enter an Oasis of Peaceful Sensuality. . . Nature’s Exploration. . . Wonderland into the infinite space . . . beyond daily limits of linear time flow. . . with no goals, no mind. . Like a long walk in Nature with New open eyes, new touch, new feelings, new awareness,. . . ❤️

Through our experience(s) together will Awaken a most beautiful abundant tour de force of goodness in you that will sustain as your new way of being. You will thrive in all areas of your life, and love life with passion and energy. 


Tantra is the art of Exploring Your Sensuality, Healing old wounds Peacefully through acceptance and self love, Awakening Energetic, Youthful Vitality, Expanding Your Mind, Body, Heart to wholly living a Positive Perspective~ Slow  into Awakening ❤️ 


“Live Wholly, Love Deeply, Laugh Often. . . ”  xo Oceana


explore your sensual self


your Love, is the Supreme Celebration . .


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