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Tantric Pod Talks

Episode 1: Diving into the Ocean Divine: Connecting to Spirit through your Body
Tantra’s ultimate aim is a channeling of the kundalini life force through the sushumna channel upwards into the sahasrara chakra and beyond into Parasiva. Shakta Tantra places a strong emphasis on the worship of the feminine force [Shakti]. Tantra’s main principle is the use of the material to gain the spiritual. I came to Tantra through a professional dance background. I traveled to study various indigenous dances, once used for worship. Fascinated with Indian dance and music, the Pre Hindu religion Tantra, I felt I had found my calling. Much of our sexual addiction can easily be re-directed through learning to follow the pathways of our breath into our bodies, to connect to our Prana and breath that energy throughout our entire being. At the end of this episode, I will guide you through a simple meditation of breath awareness. 45minutes.

Episode 1: Diving into the Ocean Divine: Connecting to Spirit through your Body

by Oceana

Episode 2: Tantra, The Way of Acceptance
The moment you accept yourself you become beautiful. When you are delighted with your own body, you will delight others also. Many people will fall in love with you because you yourself are in love with yourself. When you are angry with yourself you know that you are ugly, repulsive, horrible. This will repel people, not help them fall in love with you. It will keep them away. Even if they were coming closer to you, the moment they feel your vibration, they will move away. There is no need to chase anybody. The chasing game arises only because we have not been in love with ourselves. Otherwise, people come to you. It becomes almost impossible for them not to fall in love with yourself you are in love with yourself. Tantra teaches the first thing: be loving toward your body, befriend your body, revere your body, respect your body, take care of your body, it is nature’s gift. 45minutes.

Episode 3: Soul Evolution; Releasing Ego Thoughts
The ultimate goal in this Karma cycle is for the soul to progress to the highest level of existence, become one with the universe. Soul evolution naturally occurs when something happens in one’s life to cause him or her to refocus; feel the need to reach deep within and reflect on how to live life. Soul evolution leadspersons to different and higher pathways of life. One is compelled to visit sacred sites, seek master instructors, insight. Soul evolution promotes energy and intention required to transform. Soul evolution provides one with universal actions that are embraced, as spiritual alignment is achieved through innermost truth. Soul evolution brings one to a higher state of hope, faith and love. 45minutes

Episode 4: The Mirror of Relationship
When you are willing to embrace both the light and dark sides of yourself, you can begin to heal both yourself and your relationships. We spend much of our time pretending we don’t have this darker side of ourselves and end up projecting those qualities on to other people. We are all mirrors of others and we need to learn to see ourselves in the reflection of other people. For this reason nurturing relationships is a most important aspect to life. Relationship is a tool for spiritual evolution, and the breakthroughs occur through recognizing that connection in our daily lives and reaching a higher goal of unity consciousness. Join me as we discuss the mirror of relationship. 45minutes

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