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NEW :: What is Tantra? Cultivating Sexual Energy
Tantra is sometimes misunderstood, and people who seek its gifts are often misunderstood for doing so. Yet, traditional Tantric practice is an important skill to develop. It is an application where we are cultivating life force or sexual or qi energy throughout our nervous system, as it is gradually being purified into higher states of love, and conductivity, leading us to permanent ecstatic bliss and outpouring divine love. Which is enlightenment. I invite you to join me, Dakini Oceana, in a discussion that will open your eyes, mind, heart and soul to a deeper understanding of what Tantric practice truly is, and how it can change your life.

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1. Connecting to Spirit Through Your Body
Much of our addiction in the modern culture is through a lack of spiritual connection to life force and a need for instant gratification in material form. This is a deviation from our true natures and can easily be re-directed through learning to follow the pathways of our breath into our bodies, to connect to our Libidinal energy through somatic opening.

2. The Way of Acceptance
The moment you accept yourself you become beautiful. . . When you are delighted with your own body, you will delight others also. . .  Many people will fall in love with you because you yourself are in love with yourself.  . . When you are angry with yourself you know that you are ugly, repulsive, horrible. . . Be loving toward your body, befriend your body, revere your body, respect your body, take care of your body, it is natures gift. . .

3. Soul Evolution; Releasing Ego Thoughts
When something naturally occurs in a persons life that causes him or her to refocus, there is an opening for and from which the soul has emerged in a more profound and clear alignment of spirit. This is what I mean when I use the phrase “Soul Evolution.” At these openings a person is often led to reach deep within, to reflect on how they truly want to live their life.  As the person follows this more vibrantly voiced intuitive guidance, this state of  “Soul Evolution”  leads persons to different and higher pathways of life. Soul evolution brings a person to a more awakened state and place of hope, faith, and love.  One is compelled to visit sacred sites, seek master instructors, gain fortitude of confidence in their insight. Through the wish and readiness in the soul’s universal alignment to evolve, this “Soul Speak”  inspires and promotes vital life force energy and one’s internal intention required to transform. Through the place of innermost truth, “Soul Evolution” provides one with organically embraced universal actions, while this new level of spiritual alignment and expansiveness is found and steadily footed. . .

“Soul evolution naturally occurs when something happens in one’s life that causes him or her to refocus. . .”

4. The Mirror of Relationship
All of life is opportunity for growth if we look outside at what is mirrored within. Here I hope to help you explore ways to look more deeply at relationships you develop while here on Earth; both in family whom you are born to and with those you attract into your life through work, love, common interests, or simple passing throughout your daily movement. Much deeper, greater, and awakened intimacy with your own soul and self can be developed through understanding the mirror the universe gifts us through these many different relationships. . .

5. The Vocal Vibration; Sacred Prayer and Harmonious Union
We live in a vibratory universe. Every part of us is vibrational — we oscillate our legs one in front of the other to move from place to place; we breathe rhythmically; our heart and brain rhythms; pulsations of our cells, molecules, proteins and atomic structures. We’re a wind instrument; a tube with holes in us through which we blow air. Breath becomes energy in our bodies, which in Tantra Yoga we learn to use for healing and purification.Vocal resonance like chanting or singing, can harmonize, align, integrate your body. Making sound allows you to express more openly, tune in to the now, others around you, and divinity in a sacred manner. Join me as we discuss your voice in Sensual Living, Sacred Prayer, and Harmonious Union.

6. Chakra Love; Understanding and Balancing Your Body Energy
Energy flows to in your chakras from the world around you and out to the world from within, as well as up and down between them. Your chakras can become blocked, making you feel physically or mentally sick and out of balance. Fully open,clockwise spinning chakras help energy to flow freely through your body and assist you in becoming a whole, healthy, human being. In Tantric lovemaking, you direct the sexual energy that is passionately building in your genitals up through your chakra centers, share it with your lover, and pass it on to the universe. The more balanced and open these centers are, the easier it will be for you to move your energy. I will teach you practices and meditations to attune and balance your chakras and help you connect more deeply to your partner.

Oceana Meditation Session: Space

Oceana Meditation Session: Gratitude

Oceana Meditation Session: Earth

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