My Teachings


To me, Tantra is a path of the opening your HEART and Buddhist mindfulness is path of cultivating more pleasure in your life perspective. Here we have a synergistic union of your mind and body that inspire you to love your Self and consciously choose actions and activities that bring the greatest pleasure and nurturance to your soul.
In our sessions, an evolutionary healing journey begins, moving you into clarity of understanding, hoe to develop a life grounded in cultivating more pleasure and love in your heart. Through deepening your awareness of mind, body, spirt, you can allow the power of pure love light to shine forth from within and bring more peace to the world. When you become aligned with a life of inner peace and serenity, accepting who you are, what you enjoy and allow yourself to experience these things, you naturally create more abundance and beauty in the life around you.

Let’s all learn to experience this higher quality of existence. . .

I have been given this path as a Dakini in this lifetime. I say “It chose me, and I chose it” all in a circular union. I remain in service as a sacred Shakthi, here to help you become attune to the subtle vibration of life force within, heal from trauma, deepen your Self Love, enjoy brilliant moments of clarity and gratitude for life, and learn to experience your body, as a vehicle toward the Divine.

Welcome to my sanctuary for peace and sensuality. . . I invite you to Join me to heal, rejuvenate, and explore Your many gifts. . .


“Be loving toward your body, befriend your body, revere your body, respect your body, take care of your body-it is nature’s gift. Treat it well and it will reveal great mysteries to you. All growth depends on how you are related to your body.”

Welcome to my sanctuary for peace and sensuality. . . I invite you to Join me to heal, rejuvenate, and explore Your many gifts. . .

I welcome men, women, and couples.

Arrival. . .
I am here to help you feel warm, loved and cared for. In my sanctuary, you will find yourself surrounded by the sweet smell of roses or lavender, soothing candle light, and artful images. I always offer fresh water, fruit, and tea. If you have brought a gift or offering to the sanctuary, as many people like to, I am happy to receive. I always offer a hot shower for you to freshen up, and provide clean linens, since I know many people arrive directly from travels or long work day.

Session. . .
As session continues, I will simply ask that we sit across from one another, talk, eye gaze, and breath. Here you can tell me anything specific that you want to address in session, such as health issues, relationship issues, trauma, or anxieties. Then I will guide you into grounding meditation and sensory opening. We focus on slowing down, becoming attuned to your body. I will incorporate a range of bodywork, movement, and therapeutic talk techniques that acknowledge your specific needs, and integrate your mind, body, spirit.

Maintenance. . .
Many people choose to work with me on a regularly basis. Through my gentle intuition, and depth of knowledge, and as you take the practices into your daily life, you will learn the many stages of circulating Sacred Energy throughout your being. You will feel more able to cultivate a greater sense of joy, positivity, and vital energy and feeling more at ease with your authentic Self. Pleasure, health, wellness, and expansive mind set in your daily life and sensuality are your gifts. (SEE MEETINGS)

Offerings. . .
I am trained in and incorporate in every session: intuitive touch, Bio-Dynamic Breath, Somatic Opening, and Tantric Energy practices.
**If you wish, I will be happy to give you simple practices that you can continue at home.

In Just One Session All Individuals will learn How to:

*Transcend mental chatter and enjoy your inner energies as a path, a journey to a more expansive place within

*Deepen your breath and create space in your body for circulation of life force energy

*Cultivate deeper awareness of your mind and body

*More fully activate the sensitivity of your body

*Open and invigorate your body energy

*Open your heart, to allow the power to heal, calm and strengthen you and inspire others

*Techniques and communications to deepen intimacy with partners

*Calm Anxiety, Increase Stamina

If you choose to work with me over time you will learn:

*Tantra yoga practice

*Chakra balancing

*Guided Kundalini breath for relaxation

*Mantras for manifestations and healing trauma

*Support you emotionally through the vast array of feelings experienced in life

*Guided journaling & Gestalt therapy
*Talk through goals and create ways to manifest with more focus
*Help you voice deep, hidden feelings
*Develop a healthy mind, body, heart connection in you, your partner, your child
*Emotional awareness, self-acceptance, value in your gifts

*Heal trauma from the past and develop a healthier relationship with yourself

*Become more aware of your dreams, your truth, trust in your intuitive guidance

*Set healthy boundaries for self-care and protection

*Nutrition, cleanse and care for your beautiful body through diet, exercise, habits

*Sacred Tantric Spiritual Perspective

Tantra Healing will Gift you with:
*More libidinal, vital, and over-all positive energy
*Deeper pleasure, health, wellness, confidence,
*Cultivate more intimacy, joy, and successes in your Life.
*Deeper, better quality sleep and libidinal drive
*Feeling and looking younger, more vital
*Healthier mind and body will attract you to healthier habits and people
*Creative support for artists
*Experience deeper Passion and Fulfillment Everyday
*Follow intuitive guidance
*Healthier relationships

MEN: Remember, in most situations where couples are involved it is the man who holds the key to Tantra in sexual relations. Both partners need to be attuned to the Tantric practices, for pure Tantric enlightenment, but it is the man who usually determines the duration of the act. The man must become committed to lengthening the duration of union, a thereby new evolution in the direction of purification and opening. Many men experience low confidence, performance pressure, mental chatter, low blood circulation that often result in physical blocks. In session we work together to help your inner balanced and become more able to commune with the Goddess, or Shakthi in your life.

WOMEN: Many women have difficulty experiencing their bodies and selves as beautiful, divine creations. A vehicle for transcendence. Enlightening the inner Goddess, Shakthi, through Tantric Healing will open up areas that are blocked. We will identify areas of sexual trauma, low body confidence, and help you lift dormant erotic energies. Feeling beautiful no matter your shape, size, age and invigorate the Goddess in You.

“Live Wholly, Love Deeply, and Laugh often. . . ” . . . xo

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