Couples Tantric Healing Sessions

“Our bodies are vehicles to access the divine. . . that’s what making love is designed for . . . to transform the straws of relationship into gold. . .” 

Tantric yoga practice of Sacred Union intensifies and circulates procreative life-force energy (chi) as a means of healing, renewing, and revitalizing yourself and your partner. Through sacred union, Tantra teaches fine and sophisticated arts of giving and receiving optimum pleasure for the self and partner — thereby achieving transcendence, or union with higher sates of consciousness – in the place of no mind through which we are the most receptive to our natural bliss – aligned with the high frequency of divine energy and enlightenment.

~Are you in a long term commitment but missing the old spark of chemistry? ~Want to learn new positions for lovemaking, new massage practices, new orgasmic experiences together?
~Need a beautiful space to unfurl, away from family obligations and lose yourselves together in the paradise of sensual bliss?
~Want to experiment with a third partner who is committed to respectful boundaries?
~Is your sex life amazing, but you feel you don’t talk enough, and want deeper fulfillment toward transcendent experiences together?
~Do you have some deep rooted issues you want to discuss with your partner and want the loving container of a Dakini to guide you through these intimate exchanges?

Whatever the stress, strains, and time constraints of your day, make a priority relationship choice to connect with your partner in love. . . Learning the ways of love unique to you and your partner can occur at any stage in a relationship.

In session. . .

I we will create and hold Sacred space for you both. . . to connect, look into each other’s eyes, synchronize your breath, and draw the feeling of love in. . . “Feel into your partner’s heart. . . as though you were actually wearing their skin. . ” I may whisper. . .

Together, in an intimacy with your beloved, I guide you to share a space of flow together. . Circulating Reiki Heart Energy into each of you, up and down your spine and subtle energy fields, I will continue to inspire you both for giving with great passion. We will emphasize exploration through curiosity, sharing this energetic openness in your bodies becoming lost in a continuous exchange of breath. . . appreciating, honoring, adoring your partner. . . learning about one another’s internal worlds.

How? Listening. . .Receiving. . .Responding. . .Expressing. . . The circle continues. . . the power of that pure love light shines forth. . . to brighten your mind, body, soul and bring more joy to your partnership and thus, the world. . .
This beautiful exchange is where the potential for spontaneity, curiosity and excitement exists between you. We will a place of connected hearts, of simply “being” in a dance of spontaneity, exploration, and love.

You will leave feeling lighter, more energized, and attuned to the bliss of interconnected, intimate energy. . . and If you take these practices into your life consistently over a period of time, you will each feel individual relief descend down upon your souls. This is sustaining inner peace and radiating heart energy that will transform how well you practice all loving communications.

~ Let’s speak together on the phone to discuss your specific needs and desires as a couple. Celebratory sessions for anniversaries, holidays, births, and whatever else you can think of that deserves celebration are beautiful . . .

“Live Wholly, Love Deeply, and Laugh often. . . ” . . . xo

Inside the World of Sensual by Nature

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