A Story of Eros- AULETRIS EROTICA. et plus

Often in the world of digital images, media, entertainment our imaginations become lazy. . . I chose to add Story of Eros to our Elite Membership to allow you space to simply let the story evoke fantasy in you. Some of the story may not resonate, some may, it is simply a way to create deeper awareness of your personal, unique fantasies. Listening to story and allowing your own unique imagination to form the images you see when listening, is a beautiful way to enliven your senses, and activate your imagination, fantasies.  To get to know your unconscious fantasy life a bit more deeply, and thus accept yourself in a deeper way. Love. Join Oceana in a story free form from combination of Anais Nin, “AULETRIS Erotica” and a special interwoven surprise from a writer named Catherine Millet. A waking dream. 18 minutes.

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