Sensual By Nature Tantra Master Class Level One Membership

Now Offering a new enhancement to your health, growth and dreams. . . The Sensual By Nature Master Class Membership ~ awaken your sensual nature, inspire presence within your Inner God and Goddess, your Higher Consciousness, Heart. Now is the time to rise.

Welcome to the world of Sensual by Nature. . .

Are you seeking genuine, fulfilling, life changing experience? Be more energized and of greater service to the world around you? Do you want to visit Sensual by Nature Studio but aren’t able to due to life circumstances? Do you visit Sensual by Nature Studio, and want to stay in flow between visits, to enhance your Tantric Spirituality & Practices?

Join the Master Class Membership at Sensual by Nature Studio with Dakini Oceana, Tantric Therapist, Sensual Tantric Healer, and author of the book, “Tantric Spirituality & Practices.”

“I will hold whatever you share with me silent, and quiet as the depths of the ocean,” xo O

Tantra MasterClass Level 1 is only 200$ one tone fee for life access to content

As an Master Class Member at SBN, You will receive access to Master Class SBN content, created by Oceana and posted for your enlightenment. . .

• “Tantra Master Class Level One Podcasts”

• “Gentle Talks”- Gentle video talks from Oceana on Sensuality, Love, Intimacy, Sex, Tantric Living, and so much more. These recordings will be from her book, “Tantric Spirituality & Practices,” from other Spiritual, Philosophical writings, and sometimes simply free flow on a topic Oceana wants to explore with you. They will inspire new thought, ideas, conversation pieces, and works of art.

• “Tantric Practice”- Instruction on specific Tantric and Sensual practices that you can follow in your own privacy. These Practices will enliven your relationship with your own body, union with partner, lover, and inspire many more beautiful experiences throughout the “dance of the rest of your life.”

• “Tantric Somatic Breath & Meditation”- Spoken, guided meditations. Simply lay back, listen and be guided into a bodily transcendence. These gentle experiences awaken the primal organic grace within, as you transcend into energies of the universe, Source, the spiritual energetic flow of breath, rhythm, resonance . . . a feeling of ‘never never land.’

• “Erotic Fiction & Song”- Dakini Oceana is an avid lover of literature and music. These are
1) specially chosen passages from books, read aloud to you, sometimes put to moving image, sometimes Oceana reading to you; 2) an inspired piece of music, sometimes accompanied by moving image, nature, dance, art, film. *Add the selections to your home library, and playlists.

My Promise to You. . . .

The Tantric practitioners value sensuality as sacred, and learn to cultivate presence, in reverence to creating sensual experience. Now is the time to create your own dance of life.

As we change and grow together here, Oceana will be creating new opportunities for you to explore your sensual life, through invite-only virtual events, and group gatherings, when the time is right. All events will only be posted to the Elite forum, no personal emails sent.

Inside the World of Sensual by Nature. . .
SBN Master Class Membership is a whole world of life changing experience, only a one time membership donation now, to begin.

And. . . To give you more insight to the Master Class Membership experience, I will share with you a most recent review from one of Our Master Class Members at SBN. . . xo (from 2.2.21)

Dear Oceana,

I was able to log in to my new Membership last night and listen to two videos, Welcome and Senso Spirit. Both were wonderful and far more than what I was expecting! I really enjoyed listening to you expand on the readings from your book. The detail and interpretations were fascinating and thought provoking. I truly feel as if I was in your studio with you. Just you and me! I believe you were talking about touch and fantasies! It was getting hot! Perhaps it was the vibrational energy flowing from you.

I’m so glad that you put the time and effort into this and added a wonderful new dimension to SBN Studio! I am really, really looking forward to absorbing, breathing and learning from the other readings, stories, techniques and insights!!!

I bow to you, and honor the divine in you!


To get a copy of the book. . .