Why Sacred Tantric Healing

Transcendence and Spirituality

Tantra is a form of yoga that offers a philosophy and practices showing how to generate, enhance and consciously direct life force energy that can awaken, arouse, enlighten, and heal the self and others. Primarily, Tantra is a path of the opening your HEART and a path of cultivating more pleasure in your life perspective.

Tantric synergistic union of the mind and body is about loving your Self enough to create a life of deep enjoyment by consciously intending and choosing actions and activities that bring the greatest pleasure and nurturance to your soul. A path of joyous service from whence the giving comes from a cup that is therefore always consciously kept full and overflowing!

Tantra Healing is a kind of visceral and experiential body-oriented psychotherapy. Through Sacred Tantric Healing practices, you will discover by tuning within, that you become more conscious of your inner truth. Through Tantra, you learn how to feel more (essential for great expansion of libidinal, vital, positive energy), to more fully activate the sensitivity of your body, to intensify those feelings, and through that sensitivity you will become more able to commune with your partners in every aspect of each relationship.

In our sessions, as your Sacred Tantric Guide, I will create an environment and the opportunity for you to have various Tantric experiences. We seek to enhance the visceral, psychotherapeutic process by incorporating a range of bodywork, movement, and talk techniques that acknowledging YOUR mind, body, spirit link.

This focused, healing is centered intentionally around clearing blockages and rebalancing your human energy field. The application of these spiritual and energetic healing art forms facilitates and increases your ambient energetic vibrations and awareness, strengthening your immune system and opening YOUR indwelling of higher self. An evolutionary healing journey begins, moving you into clarity of understanding, health, spiritual autonomy, and ultimately, culminating in the fulfillment of your purpose of being: to awaken your Self and Other human beings and to find your place within the world.

Tantra teaches that through awareness of mind, body, spirt, you can allow the power of pure love light to shine forth from within to brighten and bring more joy to the world. . .

Transcendence and spirituality are closely related. Those who have some familiarity with spiritual practices––meditations, for instance––or who have had mystical or religious experiences may be more likely to recognize moments of transcendence in their lives. . . Let’s all learn to experience this higher quality of existence. .

Join me as we discover Eros’s gifts. . .