My Sanctuary for Peace and Sensuality..
To arrange some special time with me ~
PLEASE EMAIL a Personal Introduction expressing something meaningful of yourself:

SAME day appointments are sometimes possible but I prefer advance arrangements of course.
The best sessions are at leat 90 minutes. . .
2-3 hrs is most beautiful.

We focus on slowing down, opening up and circulating energy throughout your entire body by entering a timeless, placeless space together. . . This means we slow down. . .and focus. . .so allowing for more time allows for a deeper experience of your mind, body, heart and spiritual connection. This means you will experience more and thus learn more.

  • Individuals Sacred Tantric Healing Sessions range from 450- 550- 800-
  • Couples Sacred Tantric Healing Sessions 700- 900- 1000-
  • Life and Wellness Coaching 200-400
  • Daka/ Dakini training inquire

“….take care of yourself on a regular basis and your life will change for the better..let me be a part of that change for YOU…..always “

Inside the World of Sensual by Nature

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